February 25, 2015

Wedding Pictures: The Details

We didn't have wedding colors. We had a theme. I got so tired of everyone always asking "What are your colors?!" because we didn't really have any. There wasn't really anything that fit into a color scheme...sure my flowers had blue accents, and the bridesmaids wore blue, but those were about the only things that matched. I scoured the internet for ideas of how we could incorporate our theme, and to be honest, my searches came up pretty short. So, I had to get creative. 

You've already seen our boarding pass invitations and passport programs, but here they are again: 

My sister, Tatiana, designed our invitations. She designed the logo in the upper right hand corner with our initials. The QR code on the boarding pass actually scanned to our website! Our reception and accommodations card had the same design as the invitations and were stuffed into a little sleeve with a luggage tag as an RSVP card. I loved them so much!

The Pilot wore airplane cufflinks with his tux. We had been searching around for a pair for months, but I finally found some on an Etsy shop

At the ceremony, we stored our passport programs in these adorable little suitcases which I found at Home Goods. Post-wedding, I've even repurposed them into a bar case in our new apartment!

Once the guests walked into the reception, they were greeted with a "Flight Check-In" section. Instead of doing escort cards and table numbers, I made a seating chart and pinned each table to the city in the world where each guest was sitting. The tables were named after cities The Pilot and I had been to. Our table was Greece, our honeymoon destination!

Our card box was another one of the cases we used for the programs.

For a guest book, I blew up one of our engagement photos and had our guests sign around it. It's currently hanging in our apartment, and it's fun to walk past it every day and read the well wishes that our friends and family wrote to us!

I was so happy with the way the tables came out. I didn't want to spend a fortune on floral centerpieces so I made the centerpieces using globes I bought at World Market, with bases we made from PVC.

For the table names, I used vintage airline posters, printed them out on 5x7 postcards and laminated them. This was one of my favorite projects, and I'm looking forward to finding a creative way to use them around the house! The Pilot loves them!

Our San Francisco table
At each table, we included a few Polaroid shots that I printed with Polaroid Foto Bar. I love these! They're about a 1/4 inch thick so they aren't flimsy and everyone loved looking at pictures of us in all of the different places we've traveled to together! These were a ton of fun when "Hey Ya" came on and my sister ran back to the table and everyone started grabbing pictures and shaking the Polaroids on the dance floor!

Our food was phenomenal. Old Ebbitt is, after all, DC's most famous restaurant! To start, they served a Tomato Gazpacho, which was incredible.

The next course was an Apple Salad with arugula, walnuts, and goat cheese.

The entree was roasted chicken with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, snap peas, and roasted carrots.

The food was incredible and everyone loved it! I don't know why everyone kept telling me to make sure I ate. I think I ate more at our wedding than I ever have! After dinner, of course, was the most important part...dessert! We had a full dessert bar with miniature key lime and pecan pies, nutella macarons, chocolate and vanilla cake pops, and oatmeal cream pies.

We even had little to go boxes so that those who were too full could bring some desserts home!

I've already shown you pictures of our miniature cutting cake, which had an adorable little fondant plane flying off the cake, trailing the words "Oh the places we'll go."

The cupcakes were from Georgetown Cupcake, the store featured on DC Cupcakes. They're definitely one of my favorite cupcake shops in DC.

The cake/cupcake stand was one of the more difficult DIY projects I did. My mom definitely saved me on this one. I had bought the stand from Amazon and took an old road map to decoupage it. In the end, I loved the way it looked. It wasn't all that time consuming, but it definitely needed a little TLC from mom when I was finished with it. I loved the little airplane designs they made for us!

So, there you have it! All of the little details of our travel themed wedding here in DC!

If you missed any and want to revisit them, feel free to go back and check them out!

The Dress (that my mama made!)

If you have any questions for me about planning our wedding or anything related to it, I'd be happy to answer them, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

Lastly, I've said this before, but I have to say this again. Our photographer, Chris Zarconi, and his assistant/girlfriend, Abby (my new running buddy) were so much more than photographers. They contributed something to our day, and I'm so happy that we hired them and so grateful for their talent, their skill, and more recently their friendship. If you live in the DC area and are looking for a photographer for any event, I highly recommend Chris. 

Thanks so much for reading along with all of these posts! It has been so fun reliving our wedding day  with you, and your comments have all been so sweet! 


  1. I love ALL of the little details that you guys did to make it extra personal and special. All of those details are so cute and perfect!

  2. These are all awesome details, lady! I love your theme, you did an amazing job tying it all together. We did GT cupcake too and they were amazing. Everyone loved them and they weren't dry [so yucky if they are, blech]. We also made cupcake stands for each table as our centerpiece because we didn't want to spend a ton of money there, either.

  3. This is so unique and special, love when the theme has a personal meaning! We didn't go with any color theme either, just selected what we liked and was special to us.

  4. I held an event here, and it couldn't have gone any smoother. An infinite list of food items were there at the vow renewal. Their staff and manager were excellent. As an event coordinator, they made my job extremely easy.


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