January 28, 2015

Wedding Pictures: Formals on the National Mall

Before The Pilot and I got engaged, I always wondered in the back of my mind where we would get married. I knew I didn't want to get married in either of the places I grew up (Texas or New Jersey) because it would mean that one half of my family would have to travel.

Within two months of moving to DC, I knew that I wanted to get married in DC. When we got engaged at the World War II Memorial, we both agreed as soon as we started planning our wedding that we wanted to take our photos around the monuments. I think you'll agree we made the right decision once you take a look for yourself!

I mentioned last week that it stopped raining just as our ceremony ended. It was still pretty cloudy out when we headed to our first stop, but the weather looked like it was going to clear up. Renting an Old Town Trolley to transport us around for pictures was probably my favorite idea! It seated 35 people so our we packed it with the whole family!

Our first stop was the Capitol building. It was supposed to be under scaffolding by the time we got married, but they had barely started and I was so happy! What's more iconic to a DC wedding than the United States Capitol Building?

Fun fact...my mom made my flower girl's dress too!
Us with my 'maids. 
Us with the guys...I love this picture!
The Pilot and me with my dad and all six of my siblings. 
I had mentioned before that most of our family and wedding party hadn't been to DC before our wedding so taking pictures on the monuments was the perfect way for them to really get to see DC and still be part of the wedding!

This is easily one of my favorites.
Our ceremony ended at 3pm and our cocktail hour was at 5:30. Most couples skip their cocktail hour, but there was no way we were doing that, so from the time we got to the Mall to the time we needed to be at the cocktail hour was about 2 hours. Most people told me that wouldn't be a long enough window but they were so wrong! It was the perfect amount of time to hit up our favorite monuments! We did all of the shots with the bridal party at the Capitol and then made our way to the World War II Memorial where we got engaged.

Once we finished at the WWII Memorial, we walked across and made our way up to the Washington Monument.

This was by far my favorite part of our wedding. Our photographers hung back a little bit, giving us time to just be together. Once we got to the Monument, we snapped a few posed pictures, and then Chris just told us to go have fun, make each other laugh and be ourselves, and those are some of the most perfect pictures from the day. 

So, there you have it! Our sometimes formal, sometimes not so formal wedding photos around the National Mall!


  1. ADORE THESE, Christy! You look amazing, the background is gorgeous and everyone looks so happy! We did our pictures in DC too, at the Jefferson and I loved how they turned out. So special because we met in DC and do so much on the National Mall. It made our timeline tight, but it was perfection!

  2. You got some absolutely wonderful pictures all around DC! Especially love the one with you two kissing and the veil, but they're all stunning!

  3. Such gorgeous pictures! I especially love the candid ones at the end! You were such a beautiful bride!!

  4. I love that he told you just to stay back and have fun--what a great way to enjoy your wedding and capture it forever!!

  5. Those are wonderful pictures. I especially like the ones on the Metro!

  6. Oooooo, that sepia one is my favorite, too! :) And the one with your veil over both of you kissing. Too precious!


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