February 24, 2015

Training Update: (Less than) one month to go

This used to be a running blog. Being sidelined by injury for over a year started to change that and I've realized that despite the fact that I'm running more and more, I haven't really talked about my running much here on PTRS.

I'm hoping that changes with this post.

This weekend marked 4 weeks until the DC Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. One of my New Year's resolutions, or non-resolutions, as I should probably call them, was to actually train for a race with a printed out, taped to the fridge training plan the way I used to.

I haven't done that and I need to. So, with less than 4 weeks to go, it's time to officially start training for this race.

Last week, I ran 7 miles on Monday...and I haven't run since. I took Tuesday off and Wednesday I wasn't feeling great. Thursday, the temperatures were so frigid, and after running in that on Sunday and Monday, I opted for yoga instead. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was sick.

Whenever I get sick like that, I always like to ease back into things, so last night, I went to yoga at my new favorite place, East Side Yoga. The studio just opened last week in Capitol Hill and I purchased their introductory pass of 3 classes for $15. My friend Abby and I went to a class last Thursday and I went again last night.

{L} The walkway leading up to the studio {R} The practice room, with its firefly sky
It was incredible. This studio is absolutely stunning. It's the most beautiful studio I've ever practiced in. I feel so focused just being there, and Alia, the studio owner is amazing. She's so inviting and friendly that you feel like you're going over to someone's house, rather than to practice yoga.

So, it's good that I'm getting back into yoga, but let's talk about what I'm going to be running this week.

Tuesday (today): 4 miles. I'm not sure if I'm going to do these inside at my office gym (depends how crowded it is after work), or if I can try to tackle them outside. It's so unbelievably icy in my neighborhood right now. Barely anyone shoveled their sidewalks during the weekend snow storm and just walking to the Metro feels like I'm walking across a skating rink.

Wednesday: Back to yoga.

Thursday: 4 miles.

Friday: 4 miles, depending on how I'm feeling. My PT advised me last summer to only run every other day. I've noticed, since I've been back running, that I almost always experience knee pain on days when I run back to back, so we'll see. I just got new shoes, that might help. If I don't run, I might take the day off.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 8 miles. This is the run I was hoping to do this weekend. Since I didn't get it in, I need to do it this weekend. I was planning on using this week as a step back week anyway, so I'm not really all that concerned about it.

At this point in my training, I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm still really nervous. I felt great about my training going into last year's Nike Women's Half and my knee blew up at Mile 8 after an entirely pain-free training cycle.

My only goal for this race is to finish strong and pain-free, so that I can finally start to feel like a runner again.

I'm hoping that this week brings me the confidence I need to feel like that will happen. 
Are you training for anything this spring?
How's your training going?


  1. You've got this, lady! Back to back running days can be tough, so just listen to your body. I hope the shoes help. Did you get the ones we talked about?

    That studio sounds amazing!!!

  2. Looks like you're getting back on track. I feel like it's hard to get back into a routine when you're coming off of a sickness--I hope you're able to ease in better. So glad to hear that you're liking the yoga studio!


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