February 4, 2015

Wedding Pictures: The Cocktail Hour

There was one wedding tradition that I definitely wanted to break...skipping the cocktail hour.

When we were planning our wedding, we opted to skip the receiving line in favor of joining everyone at the cocktail hour. It was an awesome decision. 

We held our cocktail hour on the rooftop of the Old Ebbitt Grill. We had the most delicious snacks...passed hors d'oeuvres, a cheese plate, hummus and crudites. It was incredible. 

We even had a raw bar because I love oysters!

The view overlooked both the White House and the Washington Monument. I loved walking through the space and seeing the monuments and having it feel so much like home. 

We skipped a receiving line so we could jump to pictures but the cocktail hour space was narrow enough that as we made our way from one end to the other, we were able to see and talk to everyone and not feel rushed the way we would have in a receiving line. 

Some of my best friends from my college days, including Carolann!
My gorgeous little sisters
Everyone was having an awesome time!
My college roommates!
The sun came out!
Toward the end of the hour, the venue staff started ushering everyone downstairs for the reception, so it was just the bridal party on the roof. I walked over to the oyster bar and there were about 15 left. My mom, dad and I just sat there devouring them. It was awesome! Our cocktail hour was unbelievable. It was awesome. I still can't believe that the sun came out, and it was so great to be up on the roof with everyone admiring our favorite things about DC!

Come back next week for shots from the reception!


  1. Beautiful! Keep 'em coming. :) That was also one of the reasons we did a first look instead of taking all our photos after the ceremony; we wanted to make sure we had more time to mingle with everyone at the reception! And we didn't want them to have to wait too long to eat dinner. :) We were able to say hi to every single person (all 200 of them). It was great!

  2. I love Old Ebbitt and the cocktail hour looks like it was the perfect place! I didn't even know Old Ebbitt had a rooftop until your wedding haha. I'm so glad that the hour worked out well for you to see everyone and get your pics taken! Can't wait to see more more more!! :)

  3. Gorgeously, gorgeous! I love oysters, too! So fun you and your family got to finish them up!

  4. I absolutely loved your cocktail hour! The food, the drinks, the views, were all so incredible. I'm so glad the sun came out! I love that picture of all of us college buddies and that one of you in your sunglasses!!

  5. I loved your cocktail hour!!! It was definitely so much more personal and fun for you guys--you could definitely see that. The food & views were also fantastic--great choice!


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