February 11, 2015

Wedding Pictures: The Reception

I was so happy that we attended our cocktail hour. We had already seen everyone at our wedding and now, it was time to party. The venue staff escorted all of our guests down to the main reception space at Old Ebbitt while the bridal party hung around upstairs and I ate all the oysters.

We spent a lot of time thinking long and hard about what our entrance song would be. We wanted it to be something fun, that everyone would know but not something trendy that would be overplayed in a few weeks.

Enter The Backstreet Boys.

Old Ebbitt's atrium, where we had our reception space, is about 12 or 13 stories high, so the space had insane acoustics and when we walked out to that song, everyone was cheering and I felt like a rock star taking the stage. It was incredible.

This is my brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law cheering for us as we entered the reception.

From "Larger than Life" and our guests going absolutely INSANE for us, our awesome DJ slowed things down and got a little bit country as Kenny Chesney serenaded us through our first dance. 

Our first dance was perfect. I have always wondered what couples talked about during their first dance, and I can honestly say, I don't even remember what we talked about but I do know this..despite the fact that we were surrounded by 140 of our closest friends and family, there was no one in the room during those few minutes but us. 

After our first dance, everyone sat down for dinner. I wanted everyone to be eating when the speeches were made, so the first course was served and my mom kicked things off.

Danielle, my Maid of Honor and the first person I ever told about The Pilot
My sister Tati, my Matron of Honor
I've said this before, but once the speeches were over, my mom and aunt opened up the dance floor before dinner was even served!

And then we danced. I come from a Latin family, where we dance all.the.time. Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, whatever. We like to party. And that's just what we did. Our DJ never let the music die down and it was just one amazing song after another. It was the best party of my life.

My brother and his wife, getting their salsa on.
My dad and my Abuela, getting their salsa on.
The Pilot and I
My brother and I...getting our merengue on. 
Eventually, Chris, our amazing photographer, tore us away from the dancing to remind us that we needed to cut the cake. I had picked a cake cutting song (because I could) and we cut our cake to Meiko's "Stuck on You" because the opening line of that song says, "...when I wear this dress, I feel like dancing the whole night with you" and I couldn't not play that song while wearing the most gorgeous dress I've ever worn.

We had a cupcake tower, with a little bitty cake at the top that had a plane flying off of it,
carrying the words "Oh the places you'll go"

After we cut our cake and opened up our dessert bar, it was time for...you guessed it, more dancing.

My Daddy and I. We missed out on our traditional father-daughter dance, but this was so much more fitting. 
Yup, we had a Pharrell hat at our wedding. It was amazing. 
My sister Sammi and I.
This picture is everything. 
I wasn't paying attention to what time it was, I was just having a damn good time. Our wedding, was the best night of our lives, and while I never wanted it to end, at some point, I looked around at everyone I loved, and I looked at The Pilot and I said, "Hey, let's get out of here." It was only about 15 minutes before the party ended, but everyone was having way too much fun and I didn't want to stop that.

 So that's that but I'm not finished sharing our wedding with you! 
Next week, I'll be showing you all of the fun little details that made up our travel-themed wedding!


  1. AWWW, how beautiful. I didn't know that Old Ebbitt's had a big venue area.

    Love the cake and cupcakes, we had cupcakes too and they were delicious. Our guests loved them as I'm sure your guests loved yours.

    You look so happy in all your pictures, such a beautiful bride.

  2. Your reception was so much fun and you look incredible in all of the photos!!

  3. Yeeaaaah BSB! So great haha. I also have no idea what we talked about during our first dance .... hmm ... Can't wait to see all your adorable travel-themed details!!

  4. These pictures definitely show just how fun it was! (Altho I have to say I loved your video that I saw as well--but I think the pictures do it justice well).
    The last picture is super cute, too! Love them all! :) So fun reliving this beautiful day with you!!

  5. Your reception was probably the most fun one I've been to! I loved that the music never stopped, it was awesome. Great pics!!


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