February 26, 2015


Feeling... frustrated. One and half miles into my run this morning, my knee flared up and I had to stop. I took last week off, but this is now the 3rd out of my last 4 runs that have ended with knee pain.

Reading... Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It's my book club's pick for this month. I was so hooked within the first 15 pages but then I kind of fell off a little bit. It's at times intriguing and other times confusing. This is one where I have no idea how it's going to end, so I'll keep reading.

Watching... "Downton Abbey." I had fallen behind a few episodes and I caught up over the weekend...only to miss the most recent episode due to the Oscars. Let me tell you...we had been considering getting rid of cable, but moving to our new place, getting cable wasn't an option (our basement apartment isn't wired for it) and I don't like it. I haven't watched any of my favorite shows all season. I didn't watch TV around the clock, but I miss not having cable. I think I'm the only person to have ever said that.

Thinking about... our first anniversary trip. We've had a destination in mind since even before our honeymoon, but lately I've talked to some people who have said they didn't love it. Some research is definitely in order.

Working on... touching my toes. After only three classes back in a studio, I can already touch them in seated! I'm excited for what incorporating more yoga is going to do for me!
This was in June of 2013...right in the middle of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge...
which only lasted 19 days because my knee gave out the week this picture was taken.
Needing... to just be able to run. It's been 2 1/2 years since I first injured myself and I just want to be back to myself again. 

Loving... my new yoga studio. My friend Abby and I went there last night and ended up staying after class for 45 minutes talking to the owner, one of the instructors and another student. The studio opened up last week and I adore it. It's such a gorgeous, friendly, welcoming space. It's my new happy place.

Excited about... a possible trip to Ikea this weekend...if it doesn't snow again!


  1. UGH! Sending you good running vibes. Injuries are soooo annoying. DO you think it had to do with your shoes?

    Where are you thinking of going for your anniversary?!?!

  2. That stinks about your knee! Its telling you to stay inside in the cold!
    You're definitely not the first person to say that you miss cable--if I didn't have it, I'd miss it too! What are your thoughts on Downton this season??
    Where's the anniversary trip spot you're thinking of??

  3. Sorry about the knee, what a bummer!

  4. I saw pictures of your new yoga studio and it looks perfect. I would love to go there! I just finished The Underground Girls of Kabul so I will be sending it asap!


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