Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Little Dose of Wednesday Happiness

This morning, I was discharged from physical therapy and cleared for fall marathon training. I'm not planning on registering for anything just yet but this week will be dedicated to formulating a plan for a late fall marathon that works up a nice, slow build up, taking into account the weeks I'll be taking off for our wedding and honeymoon.

Yesterday, I biked to work for the second time. It was a crisp, fall-like morning and it was perfect. Unlike the first time I biked, I didn't get lost!

My office is almost all packed up. Tomorrow is our last day in the current space and come Friday, we move to our new office in Chinatown...and with that new office, comes my very own office!

My little sister turned 20 yesterday. I can't even comprehend that. Now I understand why my older sisters all freaked out just a little bit when they realized I turned 25.

The Pilot and I with my not so little sister
Our wedding is 6 weeks from Saturday. One of my sisters left me a voice mail last night and I was texting with my brother this morning, and I just can't wait for the seven of us to all be reunited again.

The 7 of us with our dad at my brother's wedding last summer.
I'm going home this weekend for my final dress fitting. I just can't wait to put it on again. I keep reading all of these articles and posts about how you should definitely wear a 'getaway' dress and I'm here thinking...I'm trying to figure out if I can wear my wedding dress to the airport the next day (not really), why in the world would I want to change out of my dress mid-reception?!

It's a good day today.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Love/Don't Love

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts, so here goes!

1. My office is moving this week so there are boxes and bins everywhere. While I'll miss eating lunch in front of the White House, I'm excited to move to our new office in Chinatown. There's just so much more to do there. Who knows, I might even switch it up and take my lunch breaks at the National Archives or the National Portrait Gallery! Love.

The National Archives
2. I didn't run four days per week like I told myself I would. I ran twice. Oops. Don't Love.
3. I did manage to run 8 miles on Sunday. I left my apartment at noon. It was hot. It was hard. Every part of me wanted to stop but I didn't and it didn't hurt. I kept a really steady pace for the first 6 miles, and then I just kind of melted, but I was so, so happy with my run. Love.
4. My favorite part about running in that kind of heat is diving into the pool right after my run...and then spending the rest of the day evening out my racer back tan lines. Love.
5. Because I ran in the dead of the heat, the rest of the day wasn't smooth sailing. The Pilot and I talked about heading out to the National Harbor to go outlet shopping but a 15 minute pit stop at Target had me begging for the couch. Don't Love.
6. We bought a Nintendo Wii this weekend. I'm not at all embarrassed embarrassed to say how much time I spent playing Super Mario Brothers this weekend. Love.

7. I haven't logged on to Daily Mile in ages. I'm just now realizing, how much I've relied on it in the past for figuring out weekly mileage and build up. So this week, I'm going to enter all of my runs for the last few weeks, and figure out a good starting point for fall race training. Love.

That's what's going on in my world this Monday!
Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2014

One year ago today...

The Pilot and I went for a walk on the National Mall.

We sat by the World War II Memorial and talked while the sun set.

We reflected on our first visit to DC and talked about how much we had loved living here for the last six months.

One year ago today, The Pilot got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said yes, and less than two months from now, I will.

So, to my love, my pilot, thank you for an amazing first year in DC, for an amazing five years together, and for what I know will be an amazing start to the rest of our lives.

I can't wait to marry you. 

Love always,


Thursday, July 24, 2014


Feeling... Tired. I didn't really sleep last night.

Reading... I'm still reading Reading Lolita in Tehran. There are parts where I love it, and other parts where I don't. Either way, I'm struggling with it.

Listening to... Norah Jones on Pandora.

Working on... Wedding things. What seemed like my ever growing to-do list, is finally starting to seem like a shrinking to-do list, which is great.

Anticipating... getting in all of our RSVPs. We sent them out three weeks ago and still don't even have half of them. It's a little bit difficult to get some of the stuff we need to get done without a better idea of our numbers.

Loving... that our tasting went so well! It was absolutely perfect. We had our tasting, did a walk through of our space, and everything is coming together so nicely!

There isn't too much going on today, which is a good thing! 
I've got a fun weekend lined up (with a lot of cleaning to do). 
How's your Thursday shaping up?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm calling it a come back.

The last two weekends, I've run 6 and 7 miles respectively.

My 6 miler was run on a Sunday afternoon when it was 94 degrees with 80% humidity. Other than taking it slow (on purpose), I felt great. It was the first time in over a year that I've gone out for a run and felt confident that my knee would hold up. It was the first time that I've felt strong through a run.

I went to PT two days later, and we decided that I would take two weeks off from PT in order to build up some mileage before coming back for one (hopefully!) last appointment.

This weekend, I ran 7 miles. I was unmotivated and nervous about it, but I think that was more an issue of the distance than anything having to do with my knee. After all, the last time I've run that far was during the Alexandria Half...which I dropped out of at Mile 8 after my knee gave out at Mile 7.

I felt awesome this weekend. I felt strong. I had such a great run. I started out a little too quickly, slowed it down, and then each mile was the same pace or just a little bit quicker than the last. It was amazing. I don't remember the last time I had a run like that. Half way into the run, my quads were aching from that morning's 5 mile hike, but I loved it. It felt the way my legs usually feel in the later miles of a marathon. Do you know how long I've been craving that feeling? The feeling that you're working hard, and it's starting to hurt just a little bit, but you know you have so much more in you.

That feeling. It's back.

This weekend, I'll run 8 miles. I'm transitioning from running three times per week to four. So I'll have two weeks of 4x/week running and long runs up to 8 miles the next time I'm at PT, and barring any issues, I'll be cleared.

I'm holding off on setting any goals, but know this: I have every intention of slowly, steadily ramping up the miles. As my PT said, "Now, you're looking like an athlete when you run." My form is dramatically different than it was just two months ago, and it's made a world of difference in my running. PT has full confidence that I can run a fall marathon. Whether I have that confidence is a different story, but I'm going to add one mile to every long run moving forward (adding in some necessary step backs) and just take it from there.

I'm back. I'm finally back.