Friday, December 19, 2014


Feeling... so so so happy.

Reading... Nothing. Would you believe it? I finished my book last Friday and then we moved and then Christmas shopping and I haven't had time to get a new book and all of my other ones are packed! It's ok though because I started...

Listening to... Serial. After my book club became a discussion about whether Adnan did it, I caved and started listening. I told The Pilot he needs to start listening to it so that we can listen to it all the way up our long car ride home next week.

Thinking about... how much I'm in love with our new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors, everything.

Working on... unpacking. Moving is the easiest part...unpacking sucks.

Loving... our wedding pictures! I can't stop looking at them! It's so fun to see all of the little moments that I wasn't a part of.

Another sneak peak =)
Needing... to finish unpacking before next week. I want to come home from Christmas to a fully unpacked house!

Excited about... going home for Christmas...and then deciding what to do for New Year's...and then starting something new in January...and our new house/apartment...basically all the things.

Happy Friday y'all!
I hope your week was fabulous!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Rambles

I think I forgot that I had to work this morning. I woke up at 6:30. I had laid out my running clothes last night but then spent 20 minutes trying to find my shoes. My run was uneventful. I had some pretty bad cramps so I cut it to 3 miles, went home, made a bagel, sat on my couch and ate it, took Peyton for a walk and got home and realized that I still needed to shower and get ready and leave for work in 15 minutes. Oops.

Our move was surprisingly easy. Unpacking has been a different story. Our kitchen is in good shape, but that's about it. We were both out late the last two nights so tonight I'm going to have to get some serious unpacking done.

As much of a mess as it is though, it felt like home almost immediately. Whereas our last apartment was in a tall, high rise building that felt a lot like a dorm, our new place is an English basement which is a basement of a house with a completely separate entrance. It's perfect and I love it. I can't wait to finish unpacking, get some pictures on the wall and really make it home.

On Monday,  we finally got our wedding pictures. Our photographer had us over to his apartment, set out some wine and desserts and played a slide show of our 1,000+ wedding photos on his big screen TV. It was awesome. Our pictures are incredible. I really can't even believe how awesome they are. I'll be sharing some here, once I've sorted through them all. In the mean time, here's a sneak peak:

That's it! It's been a really busy but exciting week. I'm glad we moved this week because I'm exhausted and a 2 day work week next week sounds perfect!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

11 days until Christmas Eve!

Today is Moving Day! You know what the first thing going up in our new apartment will be? Our Christmas tree (after our bed, of course).

You know something? I used to hate Christmas. I have definitely been both a Scrooge and a Grinch, but my handsome pilot who loves Christmas has been working on me and it's slowly starting to change. This year, I actually find myself looking forward to Christmas. He definitely brings out the best in me!

Because Pinterest is just full of holiday ideas right now, I thought I'd share some of my favorite holiday-themed pins.

I love the idea of having a home that people can constantly drop in and out of. Wouldn't this hot chocolate bar be perfect to have on hand through the winter? Thanks for dropping by, have some hot chocolate! I love it. For gatherings that are a little bit more well planned, you could whip up one of these hot chocolate recipes.

I'm all for simple decorating during the holidays. Isn't it the absolute worst when you take down your Christmas tree and all of a sudden it just feels so empty where your tree once was? This is both simple and practical and it looks great!

I absolutely adore the look of this living room. It's so simple, yet so festive.

These Christmas gift tags are too cute to not share. So is this Christmas wrapping. I love it.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Simplicity. When it comes to the holidays, I'm all about it. Though I do dream of having a 30 house Christmas village in my home one day.

While decorating is nice, who doesn't love holiday baking? I'm dying to try these Chocolate Peppermint Bars. Chocolate + peppermint? What's not to love?

Cassie from Back to Her Roots has never steered me wrong. These Chewy Lemon Snowdrop Cookies are definitely going on my holiday baking list, as are her Chewy Gingerbread Cookies. I just love gingerbread.
One thing I haven't been able to find? A recipe for crinkle cookies. I had one for the first time at Panera last year and loved it! I've seen a few recipes for gluten-free versions, but I wand the real ones. Anyone have any they want to share?

What's on your holiday baking list? 
Are you a simple, yet festive kind of holiday decorator?
Or does your set up rival Clark Griswold's?

If you aren't following me on Pinterest yet, make sure you do!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Home Inspiration

Are you guys sick of me talking about my new apartment yet? I hope not! I'm so excited to move to our new neighborhood, new apartment, everything! We're moving into a place that's bigger than what we're in now, and way more spacious, which is awesome! The only downside is that there's a serious lack of storage space, so we're really going to have to get creative!

Of course, I've been scouring Pinterest looking for ideas for our new place, so I thought I'd share some of them! I'm hoping to do a blog tour of our new place after the New Year too!

I love everything about this. It needs to be recreated in my new place.

Our kitchen counter looks a lot like this one. We'll have a lot of space between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets. While I don't love the idea of putting your silverware there, I do like the art and little buckets. I can definitely get some inspiration from this!

Our bedroom will definitely be on the small side. I love the idea of having a mantle of sorts in the room to use for extra storage! Maybe I can do something similar and find a nice big mirror to put above it in order to make the room look bigger.

I won't be painting my door yellow but I really like using the door for organization! A mirror, some necklaces, The Pilot's hats plus an OOTD will definitely help with our storage issues AND staying organized!

I love the way the wall is used in both of these! We'll probably do something more like the second photo, since the wall in question runs directly into the kitchen, but I might be able to use the space as kitchen and entryway.

These benches are gorgeous. We probably won't mount our TV in the new place, so I love the look of this, especially with the plant and basket on either side!

This, yes. We don't have the space for a bar cart, but this I can get behind! Time to recycle some wedding supplies!

So, there you have it! Do you look for home inspiration on Pinterest? We've been in our current apartment for 2 years. The exciting thing about this apartment is that we'll (hopefully) be there until we buy a house...or need a bigger place ;)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Feeling... sleepy...I had my office holiday party last night and it went long into the night. This morning was definitely not easy.

Reading... The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. I'm almost finished with it and then it's onto the last book of the series!

Drinking... Coffee.

Thinking about.... My goals for next year. I have a lot of them...I just need to figure everything out.

Anticipating... getting our wedding pictures! We're meeting with our photographer on Monday and finally getting them! I'm so excited to see them!

Working on... getting everything packed up for our move this weekend. I can't wait. It's kind of sad how much we hate the place we live right now. It was our first apartment was the apartment where we lived when we got engaged and married, and it should be dripping with sentimental value but we just hate it. I will never live in a high-rise corporate-owned building again.

Behind on... Christmas shopping! Yikes! Moving is expensive. Moving during the holidays doesn't exactly help with that.

Needing... to get serious about training. Taking an impromptu trip to Colorado this weekend was well worth it, but I missed two runs. I need to get them all in this week so I can really kick of marathon training!

Wishing for... a one year sabbatical in a warm place like Costa Rica or Indonesia, where I can wake up every morning, drink really good coffee, do yoga, run on the beach, spend an hour or two writing and then lie in a hammock and read a book or two a day.

Loving... my blog. I've had this little corner of the internet for almost 4 years now and I'm starting to make some changes to it that I'm really excited about!

I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day.
I hope I'm right, and I hope yours is to!
What's on your currently list?