January 17, 2017

2017 Race Plans

If you look at the Running tab above, you'll see that I've run a lot of races. Before I moved to DC (and subsequently got hurt), I used to race all the time. When I was living in New York, I was running almost every month, mostly to get my 9+1 credit for the NYC Marathon, but also because I was hooked.

I've run six races since 2013. This year, aside from my time goals of running a sub-4 marathon and PRing the half-marathon, I want to race more. DC has so many great local races, of all distances, and I haven't run most of them. I'm also looking to travel more this year for races than I have lately. Here's a look at which races I'm planning to toe the line at this year!

Disney Princess Half-Marathon - February 26, Orlando, FL
This race falls just 10 days after my 30th birthday. What better way to ring in my 30th than by running through Disney World with one of my very best friends?

DC Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon - March 11, Washington, DC*
I love this race. If I run it, this would be my third time on the course. Right now, I might be traveling that week so I'm not sure if I can run it but I hope I get to because it is a great race and the crowd support is unbelievable.

Crystal City 5k Fridays - April, Arlington, VA
I ran one of these 5ks a few years ago. Pacers is a local running store that sponsors these races every Friday in April. I love the idea of really trying to push my 5k PR by racing every week! I usually work from home on Fridays so this wouldn't be too difficult to pull off.

New Jersey Half-Marathon - April 30, Long Branch, NJ
My uncle practically lives on this course and it's been on my radar for awhile. Alyssa and Tracy are running it this year which is really making me lean toward running!

Capitol Hill Classic - May 15, Washington, DC
This 10k runs through my favorite neighborhood in DC. I've heard great things about it and want to add it to my list of local races to run in 2017!

Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon - May 28, Ottawa, ON, Canada
I have never been to Ottawa but The Pilot flies there all the time and loves it. The course is flat and looks pretty, so why not? I really want to run a spring marathon and there isn't anything else that really jumps out at me so I've settled on Ottawa!

Richmond Marathon - November 11, Richmond, VA
I was supposed to run this in 2016 and had to change my plans, bringing me to Philly. It was easier to defer to 2017 so that's what I did.

Annapolis Running Classic - November 18, Annapolis, MD
Courtney ran this race last year and I was super impressed by the course and the swag! While I definitely won't be in half-marathon shape seven days after a marathon, I'm keeping the 10k in mind.

Are you running any of these races?
Have you run any of them?
What races are on your calendar this year?

January 15, 2017

Sunday Sweats 2

So the second week of the New Year didn't exactly go as planned. When Monday rolled around,  my knee was still really swollen from Friday night's fall. I made a doctor's appointment for Tuesday morning, which quickly got canceled. I couldn't find another appointment for the week and didn't want to drag things out, so Monday after work, I took a trip to the ER.

Luckily, there was no break (at that point, I was starting to worry that I broke my knee cap) but the doctor said it was a bone bruise and sprained ligaments. He recommended two weeks off and gave me a strong anti-inflammatory.

While I'm bummed to be starting the year with two weeks off, having recently come back from two years off, I'm so relieved it's only two weeks. I can easily bounce back from that, especailly while I'm doing so much yoga. So, here's what the week did look like:

Currently Training For: 
Disney Princess Half-Marathon, February 26
DC Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon, March 11

Monday: Skipped. I spent the day at work and then four hours at the ER. I'm more OK with this than I thought I would be. Things happen.

Tuesday: #yogarevolution Day 9 (32:00)
I picked up my 31-Day Yoga Challenge right where I left off. This practice required a lot of being on all fours which I couldn't really do so I made some modifications and made it work. In a lot of cases, those modifications made the practice more challenging, which was good!

Wednesday: #yogarevolution Day 10 (27:00)
Wednesdays are always my busiest days at work and, by the time I got home to practice, my head was all over the place and I just couldn't really concentrate or enjoy the practice.

Thursday: #yogarevolution Day 11 (29:00)
Lots of balancing today! I'm definitely noticing that my shoulders are really tight and that I can balance better on my right leg than my right. This is part of why I had IT band issues for as long as I did so I really need to pay attention to this.

Friday: #yogarevolution Day 12 (31:00)
My mind was all over the place before I stepped on the mat but this practice was down right juicy.

Saturday: #yogarevolution Day 13 (30:00)
I want to flag this practice for post-long run days because it is everything I want after a long run. Nice easy, hip opening stretches, one-legged pigeon, reclined cobbler's pose...everything. I've linked to it in case any other runners want to check it out!

Sunday: #yogarevolution Days 14 and 15 (62:00)
I wanted to catch up from skipping a day on Monday so I doubled up today. The first practice was nice and easy, the second was quite fiery but it felt good, and while I'm sstill not completely comfortable on my knees yet, I'm getting there.

Total Miles Run: 0
Total Minutes of Yoga: 211

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga. I don't hate it. I thought about taking a spin class this week but I didn't think my knee would be in shape for that. Right now, I feel like I'm about three or four days away from being back on my feet. I'm playing it smart and taking it easy though, so we'll see.

How did you week go?
What are you training for?

January 13, 2017

6 Placed I'd Like to Travel this Year

Two years ago, I wrote a post highlighting 10 places I would have liked to travel that year. I only made it to three of those places, but I went to some incredible places that weren't on that list. Last year, I wrote a post highlighting 5 places. I only made it to 2 places on that list, but again, I went to some pretty great places that weren't on that list, like Australia, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Park City.

It may surprise you to know that I don't plan travel. Unless there's a race tied to it or a special occasion, the vast majority of my travel plans over the last several years have been made on very short notice...like the time we went to Hawaii on 4 hours notice. Even our trip to Australia was planned on less than a week's notice!

It's nearly impossible for us to plan a vacation anywhere. The Pilot usually gets his schedule for the month around the middle of the previous month, sometimes later. Even with a schedule in hand, it's impossible to predict what flying standby will look like. We always have to be flexible and willing to reroute our plans. When I went to Lisbon two years ago, and didn't make it on a direct flight, I ended up hopping on a plane to London, crashing with some friends there and spending 24 hours in the city. When we went to Las Vegas a few years ago, it was only because we didn't make it on a flight to Switzerland!

When it comes to my life at home, I'm as Type A as they come. I'm a writer! My life is driven by deadlines and I thrive off of it but I appreciate the idea of throwing caution to the wind and literally seeing where life will take us! That being said, when I write these lists year after year, I never expect to travel to all of these places but I do expect that some wild adventure will turn up and I'll end up going somewhere that wasn't even a thought in my mind and that I'll at least make it to a few of the places on this list!

If we weren't throwing caution to the wind and I had my pick, here are a few places I would really love to travel to this year.

1. Copenhagen - I've had my eye on Copenhagen for awhile now but it wasn't until Carolann traveled to Denmark that I really started itching to go.

2. Geneva - I have always said that Geneva was my first European love. London was the first city I traveled to in Europe and it was everything I thought it would be and more but Geneva was the first city I ever traveled to by myself. I had no idea what to expect and fell in love with it. I made incredible friends who I'm still friends with to this day. It's been 10 years since my first trip to Geneva and 8 since my last and that needs to change this year.

3. London - Well, since we're talking about Europe, I have to talk about London. The Pilot and I tried so hard to make it there this summer but we just couldn't swing it. My 24-hour sojourn in 2015 was a vicious tease and I'm dying to go back to the city I used to call home.

4. St. Louis - I fell in love with St. Louis when I visited in 2015. I have to admit that I've always (somewhat ignorantly) said that I could never live in the Midwest because I could never live in a landlocked state but I loved St. Louis! I would love to make it there this spring to visit Sara and catch a Cardinals game.

5. Thailand - I live my life by the "I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list" philosophy and while there's still a lot of the world I haven't seen, Thailand is one of the few places that I feel a desperate need to go to. Thailand gives me serious travel envy. 

6. East Africa - I loved Ghana and Togo when I traveled to West Africa in 2009 but East Africa, specifically Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania, have been on my list for a very long time. I tried to convince The Pilot to go there this year for our anniversary but Australia won out.

Right now, I have a few travel plans for the year. The Pilot and I are heading to Palm Springs, CA pretty soon and next month, we're going to Disney World! Beyond that, who knows where life will take us? I do know one thing: I have a New Year's Resolution to have crossed 30 countries off of my list and I'm at 26. I'm also planning to finally cross the baseball stadiums off my list after 8 years of trying! With only a handful of stadiums left, I know that I'll be watching a lot of baseball this year!
Where is on your travel list this year?
Have you been to any of the places on mine?
Do you think you could fly standby, never knowing for sure where or when you were going?

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