January 7, 2015

Wedding Pictures: Getting Ready

Have I told you guys how much I loved our wedding photographer? He shot the day with his girlfriend as his assistant and during our formal portraits, the four of us became fast friends.

When our photos came in, Chris had us over for some wine and desserts and to look at our pictures on his TV. When he finished, he gave us this beautiful box with about a hundred or so of our photos printed. It was awesome! He gave us over 1,000 pictures on a flash drive that The Pilot and I are still sorting through! I won't be sharing anywhere near that number, but I thought a good way to sort through them would be to start posting them here!

My sister and Matron of Honor designed our invitations, which were made to look like boarding passes. Andrea helped me design the programs, which looked like passports!

The forecast for the day. If you've seen any of our pictures, you know this proved to only be partially true!

I adored my wedding shoes. I want to have them dyed black so I can re-wear them!

My mom and grandmother hand covered each of those buttons one by one. 

In keeping with our travel theme, The Pilot wore airplane cufflinks. I got them from Etsy!

All of our pictures were given to us in the order they were taken. Since we had two photographers, it was so fun to see what was going on with The Pilot while I was getting ready!

This is my cousin Chris, he was one of our ushers. He came up to see me and show me that the weather forecast said it was supposed to stop raining by 4pm! All I wanted was for it to stop raining in time for us to have the cocktail hour outside!

My nephew was our ring bearer. I made this sign for him. 

Mama <3

I think that's enough for today! Next week, you can finally see the result of all of the hours and hours of work my mom put into making my dress!

Our photographer was Chris Zarconi and I highly recommend him if you're in search of a photographer in the DC area (or anywhere, really!).

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love getting ready pictures!!!!!!! So much fun!

    Love your tickets, how creative! I had Kate Spade shoes, too!

  2. Such fun pictures to look through (especially since you weren't there for the ones with the pilot). The cufflinks are so cute (I got MG cufflinks as well!) and I love the touch of purple in your shoes!
    Your photog went above and beyond with the way he sent you those pics--love it!!

  3. You look so wonderful! And girl, that ring. Gah I'm so excited you're posting these, I can't wait to see more of the dress! <3

  4. Love the pictures! Getting ready pictures always make me tear up a bit!
    I especially love the one at the end of you and your mama! Such a special moment <33

  5. Gahhh I love these!!! Your wedding was so awesome. I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff :)

  6. PASSPORT PROGRAMS?! I love it!! We only got about 215 digital files from our photographer. I'm half happy because I don't think I could handle the pressure of sorting more photos than that haha, but also half sad because there were about 800 photos we didn't get. :( We could have gotten them for $1200 more, but we liked our 215 enough. :)

  7. Gorgeous!!! Love the theme-- it's perfect for you guys! Can't wait to see more. :)

  8. Ahh I love these posts! Your photographer looks amazing and I love the travel theme :)


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