December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

If I could describe 2014 in one word, it would be uncharacteristic.

I didn't jet off somewhere new every other week or month. I didn't have nearly as many adventures as I normally do. Instead, I spent a lot of time getting to know, and falling more in love with DC. I saved a lot of money, which came in handy when life threw some curve balls at us over the summer.

Uncharacteristic wasn't a bad thing. It was still a great year. I had a lot of goals for this year. I didn't accomplish most of them. That's ok though. I'm still happy with how the year went. Let's recap.

In January, I took a weekend trip to New York with my mom to go shopping for the fabric for my wedding dress. We also saw Once on Broadway.

February brought a lot of snow to DC, a cancelled trip to Hawaii, and The Pilot's and my 27th birthdays.

After several months of not running, I started training again. In April, I skipped the Cherry Blossom but watched Holly run the race and made a new friend. I barely finished the Nike Women's Half Marathon. 

In May, The Pilot and I started our first Half together. I didn't finish, but he beat his goal time by 15 minutes.

June brought a new round of PT, some crushing blows to my running, and ultimately what felt like a fix. Out wedding finally stopped feeling so far away. We discovered Great Falls and took a trip to Vegas.

In August, I had my bridal shower. I found out I was losing my job just days after finding out that The Pilot's workers' comp from his on-the-job injury was denied. It was a devastatingly scary time for us and our wedding, just weeks away, became the last thing on my mind.

Early September brought a new job offer, an entire month off from work, our amazing wedding, and a two week honeymoon. Everything came together again, our wedding was perfect, and we were going to be just fine. 

October and November were filled with wedding/honeymoon recovering, catching up with a lot of friends and hunting for a new apartment.

In December, we took a trip to Colorado Springs, moved into our new apartment and headed home for the holidays. We unexpectedly lost The Pilot's grandfather days before Christmas and celebrated a bittersweet holiday.

This year was tremendously exciting. Despite how far away our wedding seemed to feel for most of the year, when it finally came, it was better than I ever could have imagined. I had the best night of my life dancing the night away with my closest friends, my family and my new husband. (And now that our pictures are finally in, I can start sharing them!)

While I didn't meet a lot of my goals for this year, I'm still really proud of the year I had. I may not have taken off on many adventures, but starting our marriage was an adventure all in its own. It helps that we took off to Paris and Greece for two weeks.

I'll be sharing my goals for 2015 in the next few days, but in the mean time, I'd love to hear: How was your year? What were your highlights?  Favorite memory?


  1. I loved how you described your year. It looked full of awesome ups and scary downs but y'all came out on top, for sure. I've always wanted to run the Nike Half, maybe we can do it together in 2015?

    Your wedding looks amazing, September is an incredible wedding month [I know, heehee]. Wishing you the BEST 2015! Looking forward to pounding the pavement with you :)!

  2. Sounds like a great year overall! Happy New Year, have a wonderful 2015 :-)

  3. I think 2014 was one of those years that has left you changed for the better. You went through so much but I think it will only make your marriage stronger. I am so glad you had that amazing honeymoon and your wedding was absolutely perfect. You absolutely should be proud of the year you had!!

  4. I'm so happy that you ended up having such an uncharacteristic, but wonderful year! So glad that I got to be a part of it, and am so excited to be a part of your 2015, which I'm sure will be full of more amazing things, as well! :)


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