February 18, 2014

A Birthday Weekend

This weekend was a prime example of life throwing lemons.

Or, in my case...snow.

One of my goals for 2014 is to 'Oops' my way to more places. To celebrate my birthday, The Pilot and I were going to 'Oops' our way far, far away to sunny, tropical Hawaii.

Then, this happened.

Photo on the left {via} because I sure didn't leave my house
other than to take photos of Peyton playing in the snow.
To say I was upset would be an understatement. Flying standby all the time means that when weather hits, any plans to get out of town can quickly be thrown out the window. It's one thing however to not be able to go somewhere. It's another when you were planning on spending the weekend on a beach in Hawaii, and instead get trapped in the worst winter snowstorm in 4 years.

Despite getting trapped in Portland, Maine for 3 days, The Pilot made it home around 7:30pm on Friday, just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day and to make sure I had the best snowy Valentine's Day I possibly could.

The Pilot and I weren't planning on celebrating Valentine's Day since, well, he had been trapped in Maine for 3 days and it was still snowing and who knew when he was going to get out. He sent me a text while I was at work on Friday to let me know that he was about to board his flight, so after work, I jetted around DC to pick up some ingredients to make us dinner.

Homemade vodka sauce with not homemade crescent rolls and wine. Yum.

We cozied up for the night and watched The King's Speech before calling it a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up early to the puppy singing me 'Happy Birthday' barking like mad. The Pilot made me pancakes and we started our day.

I would like to sincerely thank him for DVRing the USA hockey match and ignoring all social media for the day so that he wouldn't learn the score of the hockey match could spend the entire day with me.

We started the day at Union Market. I've been dying to go there since I moved to DC and we finally made the trip. I absolutely loved it and it reminded me very much of a bigger, better version of NYC's Chelsea Market.

We spent the early afternoon wandering around, sampling wines, checking out all the vendors before popping in to Bidwell for some soup and fried oysters.

Post-brunch, we made a little shopping trip. I didn't find anything at the mall that I liked which was super sad, so we went back home and got ready for dinner. We met up with some of my lady friends for dinner at Sona Creamery, which is in soft opening and only opened about 2 weeks ago. Sona is a wine and cheese place and neither the wine, nor the cheese, disappointed. They also serve small plates. The Pilot ordered a grilled cheese STUFFED with mac and cheese...so basically heaven on a sandwich. The service left room to be desired, but being that they're brand spanking new, I will definitely give them another shot.

Mmmmmm cheese
Post-dinner, we headed to a joint birthday party for my friends Adam and Drew, who share my birthday week.

Sunday the Pilot and I headed to church, then for brunch at La Madeleine. We shopped the streets of Old Town and thoroughly wore ourselves out before heading home to dive into the plethora of desserts currently residing in our apartment.

Birthday cupcakes from Mom
Monday was pretty low key. Brunch, grocery shopping, wedding planning, dinner, Olympics.

Today, we're back to work for an excitingly short week. 
Temperatures are warming up (albeit temporarily) so that's at least cause to celebrate!
I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!


  1. I think I would have cried if I were forced to stay here when I could have been in Hawaii but it looks like you guys made the best of it :)

  2. Hawaii!!? Oh no, so sorry this didn't happen. Any chance you can go there anytime soon to make up for it?

  3. Grill mac-'n'-cheese?? Yes please! Glad you still enjoyed your birthday despite the (big!) change in travel plans. :) Happy belated birthday!

  4. Sounds like a really great weekend, despite the weather!!

  5. Ok, missing out on Hawaii is a total bummer, but it sounds like you made the best of it! Hopefully you can have another awesome adventure another long weekend =)


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