January 1, 2015

2015...Looking Ahead

I had a hard time coming up with a list of goals for 2015. Usually they come to me with no problem, but this year was different. My annual list of goals has always centered around a few things, primarily running, and with running taking such a backseat to my life this past year, it's been hard to really hone in on what I want.

See, I really miss running, but there's no reason for me to miss running anymore. I'm fine. I've been running pain free for three months now and I've started training for three different races...only to just fall off the wagon. I didn't have a training plan for any of those races. I wanted to just go with the flow, but the reality is that I'm just too Type A for that. I might not be able to run the spring 26.2 I wanted to because of my lack of training, but this year, I want to commit to races and training plans and just get back at it.

So that's number 1 this year. Run. Train. Race. With that, comes yoga. Some of my best running has been done when I have a consistent yoga practice. A year and a half ago, I had one. I can count on two hands the number of times I went to yoga last year. Since we've moved, I'm no longer across the street from my favorite yoga studio, so a good part of the beginning of this year will be spent trying out different places.

Next up, I tried my hand at a few homemade things this year. I've been consistently making homemade yogurt for almost a year, and I've been making my own kombucha for the last two months or so. This year, I want to try to incorporate even more homemade things into my rotation. So far, I'm thinking pizza dough, granola and bread. Since I never got around to making macarons last year, that's on my list this year too.

On that note about cooking, we live near one of my favorite farmers' markets in DC now and I want to shop locally for all of my produce. Fresh picked from the farmers' market is just so much better.

This year, I want to keep exploring more of DC. Two years in this city and it's still new to me. I love that. I want to take a lot of pictures with my new DSLR camera that I bought for our honeymoon. I want to read more nonfiction. I want to save a lot more money. I want to be an awesome wife. I don't want to be bound by a to-do list for the year. I want to be adventurous and spontaneous and I want to learn things and see things and do things.

So there you have it, a non-list for the New Year. I'm excited to see where this year takes me...where it takes us. I'm hopeful about this year. There are a lot of new things circling around and I'm excited to see where they take me.

What are some of your goals for 2015?
Happy New Year!


  1. Yes to being spontaneous!! I think that's so important to just go with the flow and live and fun and fulfilled life with lots of memories. I'm excited for you to get back to yoga! I have a feeling that will help you a lot with running and I hope that you can complete some great races this year! And I can't WAIT to see you in April!!!

    I want to enjoy life as much as possible this year. Yes I have some goals I wrote down, but my favorite things from the past few years have been spontaneous trips or random events that have happened on a whim or because I just went for it. No more waiting around for things to feel 'right' or for fear of being judged. I just want to do things because they make me happy!! This year is the happy year!!

  2. Great goals, lady! I agree with you, I run and lift better when I'm doing yoga consistently. I hope you find a good studio, I need to start practicing more at my gym and on my own at home. I'd love to hear about your homemade granola recipe, sounds yummy.

    We have a farmer's market near us and we love it. Buying locally is great for your body and the earth, woohoo! Exploring DC is a blast, can't wait to see your pictures!

    happy 2015!

  3. I live this! I'm so type a that I really crave to do lists and checking them off, but sometimes they can also hold you back. You will have a fantastic 2015!

  4. I hope 2015 brings you many pain-free miles! What races do you have in mind?

    I find that my "yoga" is barre class - as long as I am keeping up with those, my running is pretty healthy as well.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Your goals sound totally attainable and realistic! And they also sound like they matter to you, which means you'll be more likely to do them!
    I really need to get into yoga--I've heard so many great things I've just never gotten onto that train but I'd really like to. Maybe that will be a goal of MINE this year to try it out! :) Maybe you can be my yoga mentor! haha
    Happy 2015, Christy!

  6. I love your plan for the year -- having a few goals in mind but just kind of seeing where life takes you. I love making all things homemade so I am excited to see your posts about that!


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