December 19, 2014


Feeling... so so so happy.

Reading... Nothing. Would you believe it? I finished my book last Friday and then we moved and then Christmas shopping and I haven't had time to get a new book and all of my other ones are packed! It's ok though because I started...

Listening to... Serial. After my book club became a discussion about whether Adnan did it, I caved and started listening. I told The Pilot he needs to start listening to it so that we can listen to it all the way up our long car ride home next week.

Thinking about... how much I'm in love with our new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors, everything.

Working on... unpacking. Moving is the easiest part...unpacking sucks.

Loving... our wedding pictures! I can't stop looking at them! It's so fun to see all of the little moments that I wasn't a part of.

Another sneak peak =)
Needing... to finish unpacking before next week. I want to come home from Christmas to a fully unpacked house!

Excited about... going home for Christmas...and then deciding what to do for New Year's...and then starting something new in January...and our new house/apartment...basically all the things.

Happy Friday y'all!
I hope your week was fabulous!


  1. Sending you quick and easy unpacking vibes, lady. Ugh, isn't it the worst!!!!

    Love all the sneak peeks of your wedding pictures! I love, love and wedding pictures are a favorite of mine. Hooray for excitement and being happy, happy, happy!

  2. lksjdhfakjer I cannot waaaait for the wedding photos! Also, I realize that I mailed your card out...but to the last address you gave me. Which means it'll likely be lost in someone's trash, haha. But I did send it out, though it was late! AND SERIAL. YES, SERIAL.

  3. So much happy in this post :) I am so excited for all your new adventures!!!

  4. Yessss Serial. I can't wait to finish out the season on our drive to the in-laws for Christmas next week. :)

  5. The happiness if pouring out of the post and that makes ME happy for you :) So glad things are feeling good and positive!
    You wedding photos have been GORGEOUS--I'm sure they are all incredible--cant wait to see the rest!!! :)
    Hope you have easy travel back home for the holidays!

  6. So glad you have such good things happening in your life!
    Next time we talk we need to talk about starting our book exchange up again in 2015 -- I am kind of in a book rut!


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