February 23, 2015

10 Random Facts about Me

I was sick this weekend. Saturday involved something that my have been food poisoning and Sunday I woke up with a temperature of 100.1. Needless to say, I slept more than I've ever slept in my life and the most moving I did was from the bedroom to the couch...and even that was a struggle sometimes.

I'm feeling much, much better today. Since I don't have much of a weekend update to give, I thought I'd offer a list of random facts about me...because who doesn't love those.

1. I was a Girl Scout. I love Girl Scout cookies. When I moved to New Jersey and tried to join my school's troop, they wouldn't let me because they were "full" so my mom and another mom took the troop leader training and started a troop for all of the girls that the other troop wouldn't let in. It was kind of awesome...especially because we 'bridged' before them. I wish I had stayed a Girl Scout longer, but I didn't. I get irrationally angry when I see DIY Girl Scout cookie posts on Pinterest. The money goes to a charity. Just buy the cookies.
2. I fell into nonprofit development by accident. It wasn't something I ever wanted to do but I love it and I'm good at it, and I know it's the perfect career path for me to focus on to get to where I ultimately want to be.
3. I harbor fantasies of getting my PhD one day.
4. When I was 5, I used to choreograph roller blading routines to the Aladdin soundtrack and perform them in my driveway.

This was pre-roller blade days, but you get the picture.
5. I also had an imaginary friend named Jamie when I was 5.
6. After grad school, I worked at lululemon for a few months before moving to DC. They made us come up with a list of our goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. One of my 1 year goals was to be able to touch my toes. I had to have a "talking to" because that wasn't considered a realistic goal. It's still a goal of mine.
7. I gave up soda for Lent when I was a freshman in high school. I've never looked back...except for when I was in India and it was so unbearably hot that Coke seemed to be the only thing to quench my thirst.
8. I'm not a fan of the peanut butter/chocolate combination.
9. I stopped eating meat the summer after my Freshman year of college. I've gone back and forth with periods where I do and don't eat seafood...but every year, my mom roasts a pork on Christmas and I eat it. We call it lechon. It's tradition.
10. The first concert I ever saw was NSync, BB Mak and Jessica Simpson. I cried when BB Mak came on stage.

Did you miss my post on Friday? This week, The Pilot will be answering your questions about what it's like to be a pilot! You can leave your questions on the comments page of this post.

Whar are some random facts about you?


  1. First of all I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better--sounds like a ROUGH weekend!! :(
    I loved this post and getting to know even more about you! My favorite new thing I learned tho has to be about the roller blade routines--and that adorable picture of you with the rainbow shirt! Absolutely priceless!!! :)

  2. I loved this post. SO fun learning more about you. My sisters and I used to choreography roller blading routines, too. Ours were to BSB and Nsync, haha.

    HOpe you feel better, stat.

  3. I used to be OBSESSED with BBMak!! I saw them in concert a few times and cried when I got to meet them at a mall in Massachusetts. It was hardcore and embarrassing now that I'm looking back on it, haha!!

  4. Wow Lululemon was rude. Not a fan lol.

  5. What a fun post! My cousin and I did rollerblade routines in my driveway to Disney soundtracks too! It must have been the cool thing to do, right?!?

  6. I was a Girl Scout as well and i wish I had of stayed in longer! Hope you're feeling better!!!!

  7. Hi Christy. Long time reader, never commented on anything though. I am not even sure how I found your blog years ago. Although my blogging career was very short lived, I still have my favorites I read every day, and yours is one of them. :) I do want to say how much I enjoy reading about your wedding from the planning to your special day and honeymoon. You are so crafty! The dress your Mom made is absolutely gorgeous!

    I do have some questions for The Pilot. Please excuse my ignorance and perhaps simple questions:

    Do you have the same routes your fly routinely?
    Do you ever get confused with the runways flying into an airport you are not familiar with?
    Have you ever had a close call?
    Are you ever afraid due to weather conditions?
    Do you fly with the same crew or other pilot (captain?)
    Do you fly out and back home the same day or do you stay overnight? Where do you stay and how do you get there?
    How often do you have to have a physical?
    Have you ever used your cellphone inflight? :)
    What made you want to become a pilot?
    When did you become a pilot? I am going to assume post 911, are you ever just..scared?
    If you have a long flight, what do you do the whole time? Are you constantly working looking at monitors, etc?

    Sorry for all the questions. I understand if you can't answer them all. :)

    Also, I thought of you, Christy, when I read this being that it is DC and all:


    Thanks so much.


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