August 29, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Pandora - If you don't know what Pandora is, you're living under a rock. Pandora is one of those wonderful internet things that I always forget about. Monday morning though, I was in the mood to listen to something calm and opted to put Norah Jones into my Pandora station. This is hands down, my new favorite Pandora station and I can't stop listening to it. It's the perfect blend of music to listen to at work, when you don't necessarily want to be rockin' out to your favorite running jams. It plays a great mix of Ray Charles, Ray Lamontagne, Bruno Mars, Etta James...and an amazing collection of French songs like 'La Vie En Rose' that make me feel like I'm back in Paris with The Pilot strolling along the Seine eating giant macaroons.

This time last year, the Pilot and I were in Paris. Maybe we should go back this weekend...*sigh*

2. Volunteering - Throughout high school and college, I was always really involved in volunteering. Since I graduated college though, I've had minimal opportunities to volunteer. Since I moved to DC, I've been volunteering with Girls on the Run DC, helping them conduct site visits. I'd love to one day coach a team, but sadly, my work schedule doesn't allow for it. Starting this fall, I'll be volunteering with my church doing youth ministry, which I'm really excited about. The Pilot and I found our church back in February after some pretty extensive church shopping and have really fallen in love with it. They church is also a school and I'm excited to get more involved with it.

3. September - This weekend marks the first weekend of September. I'm not going to make some "OMG THE YEAR IS FLYING BY" comment because, please...calm down. We say that every year. January really doesn't seem like it was just here, so settle down everyone. What I'm upset about in regards to September is that I'm now a fully fledged adult who pays taxes and rent and that means that my mom isn't taking me Back to School Shopping for shiny notebooks, pens and new clothes...and that makes me sad. Oh well, Mom is coming to visit in September so maybe I'll make the case for buying me back to school clothes...even though I'm not going back to school.

Well, it's a holiday weekend and I hope you all do something fabulous to enjoy it!
Happy Last Weekend of Summer!

August 28, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Training: Week 3

I have a confession to make.

I tried really hard to get out of my long run this weekend.

I didn't want to do all. I didn't want to wake up early. I didn't want to not drink at my friend's wedding. I didn't want to put my weekend on hold.

Guess what? I didn't do any of those things and I still ran.

I thought it was going to suck. I put it off until Sunday. I slept for 10 hours the night before, not getting out of bed until after 10am. I dragged The Pilot along with me for the first 3ish miles and right before he left me, I said, "This is gonna be tough."

It wasn't.

It's amazing how you can mentally psyche yourself out for something and it still ends up being amazing. The only thing that sucked about this run is that towards the later miles, I really wanted cold water...and when I stopped at a fountain on the National Mall...some stupid kid was there SPITTING...ALL OVER the fountain.

So I had warm water...but then I swallowed an ice cold glass of Nuun when I got home and everything was ok.

Last week, was a great training week. The first one that makes me feel like this is all really happening.

And you know what? I feel like such a badass this training cycle. I cut my typical 16 week training cycle down to 4. I don't have time to screw around. I can't afford to skip a run. (Don't worry, I'm taking rest days). But this time around, I don't have the luxury of time...and maybe that's what I need to kick my ass across the finish line in under 4 hours.

Here's how last week's training went down:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 brutal miles with strides followed by 5x5 goblet squats
Wednesday: 7 miles that felt *awesome* followed by 5x5 standing dumbbell shoulder presses and 3x12 standing lateral raises
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 easy miles at home
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 15 miles at 9:45 average pace

So there you go. Today is Wednesday, and it's Week 4. I haven't run yet this week. Don't worry. I'll make it happen.

Run Happy, my friends.

August 27, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. I had a nice long weekend since I took off on Friday to head to my friend Carolann's wedding. I flew up to New Jersey on Thursday night, stayed at my mom's and The Pilot and I drove out to Long Island on Friday morning for the wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous. Love.

2. It was our first wedding as an engaged couple and it was so much fun to think that that will be us next year! We had way too much fun dancing and having sing-a-longs with the band and it was a great time to catch up with old friends. Love.

Photobooth Fun!
3. Despite being on Long Island for the wedding...and oh so close to Queens, The Pilot and I decided to skip out on Saturday's Mets game in favor of spending some quality time with my family. I KNOW. WHO AM I. This basically means that I won't go to a Mets game this year...which is devastating. Don't Love.
4. I tried really hard to put off my long run this weekend...and by put off, I mean skip out on it. I was going to run on Friday...and stayed up until 2am. Then on Saturday...but stayed up until 2am. I ended up running on Sunday and having the best long run of my training cycle. Love. 
5. I am so excited that this weekend is another long weekend. Love.
6. The Marine Corps Marathon is 9 weeks away. Cue sheer excitement and a little but of terror. I've had to ignore Twitter on weekend mornings to avoid going into freakout mode over the fact that most fall marathoners are already on their 18s and 20s and I'm a little bit behind, but I'm making this work and I'm feeling really good about it. Love/Don't Love.
7. Last night, Peyton got really excited when I came home and head butted me in the knee. Now, I have a really big bruise and it hurts to walk. Don't Love.

Lastly, in the biggest LOVE, LOVE, LOVE news of all:

When The Pilot and I moved to DC together in December, he wasn't able to change his base with the airline and has been commuting to Newark for the last 9 months. Last Thursday, he flew his last trip out of Newark and is now, officially (as of Friday) based here in Washington, DC. He'll be home a lot more and he won't have to deal with commuting anymore (which can be an absolute nightmare when you rely on air transport for your commute) and we're both really excited about it.

So that's that! Sorry I'm a day late on this post! Yesterday was a busy day!

August 22, 2013

August: Rediscover your Running Mojo

This year, I've been closely following a guide that Runners' World put out on being a fitter, faster runner. 

The plan for August is to rediscover your running mojo...which is perfect when I'm in the process of rediscovering running.

While this wasn't a major injury...I hesitate to even call my knee issue an injury definitely kept me from running and sidelined my training for over 4 weeks.

Now that I am running again, and trying being as smart as I possibly can in my return to running, I can easily say that it has been both insanely gratifying and humbling at the same time.

My first long run of training was 9 was of the hardest training runs I've ever done. Every part of me wanted to stop every step of the way.

The 12 miles I did this past weekend? They were tough, but I felt strong for the first 7 or 8 miles before things to tough and that's ok, it's normal.

Last night, I was planning on getting a pedicure after work. I decided to go for a run instead. I was only going to run 4 or 5 but the second my feet started hitting the pavement, I knew I wanted to go I did. I ran 7 miles along the Potomac and every single step of that run was a reminder of why I love this sport.

I felt strong. I felt happy.

I felt exactly the way I hope to feel during Marine Corps. Great runs like that are few and far between. Since bouncing back from injury, I can say that I've had two of them...and I hope to have more.

I didn't run a spring marathon because I was burned out. I felt like I had been in training for almost two years non-stop...between marathons and half-marathons and half-marathons as training runs, and in a sense, I kind of was. I took a month off of training after Cleveland, and when I bounced back, I got hurt...not because I bounced back too quickly, just because I did...and you know what?

It was exactly what I needed. It was frustrating, but doing yoga through the entire injury definitely gave me my daily sweat fix. (Yoga is something I definitely need to get back to).

So I've rediscovered my running mojo and I'm more ready than ever to tackle these long training runs. It's a little crazy to think that I started training just 12 weeks out because I don't feel like I have "plenty of time" like I usually do...I feel like I can't fuck around and hey, maybe that's what I need to really give myself that crazy 1 minute and 6 second edge I need to finally cross the Finish Line with a big, shiny LED illuminated 3 on it.

August 20, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Training: Week 2

It's official. I'm training.

After weeks of calling it "official unofficial," "unofficial official," and refusing to call it a comeback, I'm pulling out all the stops.

I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon.

It was a bumpy road to get here but I'm grateful that my injury only took me out for a few weeks and that I'm actually ok to bounce back into training. The biggest challenge so far has been comparing myself to others. I've started ignoring Twitter on the weekends because it's hard not to panic when you see that people running the same race as you are running longer on the weekends and higher mileage for the week.

I'm ignoring all of that and I'm training for my own race...and yes, I'm going to go out and say it. I still want to go sub-4.

The last 2 weeks of training, I've just been getting in the miles...only running 4 times per week and running easy. I threw some strides into a workout last week and some hills into another. I know that hills don't make my knee feel great, so it might be best to lay off those as much as I can for the time being.

I've upped the mileage from what I normally do. I typically increase my long runs by 1 or 2 miles per week. Right now, I'm upping them by 3 miles, which is making for the last miles of each long run to be really tough but I think that that's only going to up my mental game. It's also only temporary until I get caught up which should be in another couple of weeks.

I've also been great about strength training. While my strength plan calls for 4x per week after my runs, I've only been training 3x per week since I'm not strength training after my long runs.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how I can move from 4 runs per week to 5 without upping the weekly mileage too much. I'm thinking that next week, which will be a step back week, I'll split my mid week long runs into two different runs so that I can get 5 runs in and then move forward from there. We'll see.

Here's what training looked like last week:

Monday: Rest
4 miles easy with 30 seconds strides followed by 5x5 goblet squats
Wednesday: Rest
5 1/2 miles followed by 5x5 standing dumbbell shoulder presses and 3x12 standing lateral raises
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 12 miles at 9:34 average pace (15 seconds faster than last week's LR)
Sunday: 3 easy shakeout miles followed by 4x12 straight leg 

Once again, lots of rest days with no cross-training. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I've been avoiding cross training on purpose to give myself the extra rest. That's all going to change this week though and hey, I might even through in a speed workout this week. We'll see. I don't really have a plan. I know that I want to run 15 miles this weekend and run a midweek long run of about 7...the rest, I'll figure it as I go along. This training cycle is the furthest thing from how I normally train but I kind of like it. I'm just taking it day by day.

Happy Training!

August 19, 2013

The Weekend Wrap Up

Ohhh Monday, you can be so rough sometimes.

I have a strict caffeine cut-off point of 3pm. I hardly ever drink caffeine but when I do, it has to be before 3pm or I won't sleep all night.

Well, yesterday, I had caffeine at 2pm and didn't sleep all today is making for a rough start to the week. 

This weekend was wonderful though. 

Friday I went home after work to do some cleaning before meeting up with one of my college roommates and her boyfriend who were in town for the weekend. We met up in Chinatown and then took a stroll around the monuments before I headed home.

Saturday, I woke up early (but not too early) and headed out for my 12 mile run. It was definitely easier than last week's 9 miles but the last 4 miles were pretty tough. My knee was bothering me for the first mile or 2 (my right knee, oddly enough, which is not the knee that I injured) but it seemed to shake itself out and I was fine for the rest of the run and the weekend. 

Post-run, I met up with my also newly engaged friend Laura for brunch. We swapped proposal stories and wedding planning ideas and talked about all of the craziness that has recently consumed our lives.

When she left, Lauren came over to veg by the pool and then drink wine, bake cookies and watch Harry Potter movies for the rest of the night. It was wonderful. 

Sunday, after sleeping in, I headed out for an easy 3 mile shakeout run and then did some weights at the gym before heading to Eastern Market to meet up with Andrea for lunch. We spent a ridiculous amount of time talking tot he EM Cheesemonger and eating ALL THE CHEESE. He is my new favorite person and I plan on visiting him to buy cheese every Sunday or the rest of my life. 

All in all, it was a great weekend! This week is a short week for me (thank goodness!) and I'm excited to tackle Week 3 of marathon training! Training update coming tomorrow!

By the way, those two emails that I posted about on Thursday that I'm eagerly/anxiously awaiting? Still nothing =/

August 16, 2013

Weekend Plans

+ Dinner with one of my college roomies and her man
+ 11 or 12 miles along the Potomac
+ Mass
+ Eastern Market shopping and brunch
+ Long walks with the puppy

It's going to be beautiful here in DC! I hope it is where you are too!
Enjoy it!

August 15, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Email - I feel like my entire life is hinging on two emails that I've been waiting for for the last week. I'm being insanely dramatic, but I really do feel like that. One of them is from a wedding venue that The Pilot and I fell in love with (see, I told you I was life is not hinging on whether or not this venue emails us back, but I'm anxious) and the other, I can't talk about right now. It just bothers me when people aren't timely with their emails.

2. I Give it a Year - Last night, I went with two of my girlfriends to a private screening of "I Give it a Year." Made by the same team that did "Love, Actually" this movie is hilariously inappropriate and definitely not PG. Almost every line had us rolling in our seats. I highly recommend it.

3. Wanderlust - I've always had it and every once in awhile, it kicks in pretty hard core. The Pilot and I jetted off to London and Paris this time last year and I'm desperate to do the same. One of my summer bucket list to-dos was to leave the country. With just over a month left of summer (officially), I've still got time. Besides, I feel like The Pilot and I deserve a little post-engagement getaway, yes?

August 13, 2013

Let's Talk Training

So, I did it. I made it through my first week of marathon training.

It's time to put a stop to this "official unofficial" BS I've been calling it. We're 11 weeks out from Race Day and like it or not, I'm training.

When I did my long run on Saturday, I hit about a mile stretch of a dirt and gravel road that didn't feel great on my knee. I had some discomfort leading up this part of the run, but once I got off of that and headed back for the return part of my run, I felt much better.

I only ran 4 times last week, which is what I wanted to do. I want to get through this week before I go back to running 5 times per week.

With the exception of my long run, after every run, I headed to the gym for a strength workout. My friend Steph's husband is a personal trainer and put me on an easy workout plan that would complement my running but only takes about 10-15 minutes per session, working specific areas, which I like.

The Type A in me is going a little bit crazy because I don't have a training plan. I've mapped out what I would like to do for my long runs each week, building in a step back week every 4th week and factoring in a 2 week, rather than a 3 week taper.

My goals for this week are to start doing some workouts. Add in some strides and fast finishes. Next week, I'll start tackling hill workout and I'm going to leave speed work out of the equation for a couple more weeks, just until I feel 100%. I think I'm at about 85-90% right now and I'm trying to play it safe.

This is the first time I've ever gone into a training cycle without an Excel spreadsheet that I diligently cross workouts off of. Instead, I'm typing in my workouts post-run...and I kind of like it. We'll see how this week goes, but right now, I'm taking training one run at a time.

Here's a look at last week's workouts:

Monday: 4 miles easy followed by 5x5 goblet squats
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5 miles easy followed by 5x5 standing dumbbell shoulder presses and 3x12 standing lateral raises
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 miles easy followed by 4x8 standing bicep curls and 4x8 overhead extensions (aka the day I learned that I have no biceps)
Saturday: 9 miles at 9:48 average pace (1 minute slower than MGP)
Sunday: Rest

Lots of Rest Days...exactly what I wanted for last week. This week though, I'm planning on turning that into more active rest.

We'll see how it goes!

August 12, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. It's been 4 weeks since my trip to the West Coast and this weekend, I finally caught up on sleep. Waking up on a Monday morning and feeling refreshed (despite being out late the night before) is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Love.
2. I RAN 9 MILES ON SATURDAY. PAIN FREE! It was hard...really, really hard...and very humbling, but I finished. I did it and I made it through a week of pseudo marathon training. I'm not calling it a comeback until I hit double digits this weekend. Bring it on. Love.

3. Saturday, post-run, I made my way up to the DC-Maryland border for one of the girl's going away parties. It was ridiculously fun but very bittersweet and an excellent reminder of how grateful I am for all of the wonderful friends I've made this year. Love.

4. Sunday morning, I went to church and then made my way to Jenna's where we boarded a bus for somewhere in Maryland to go work a wedding as the wedding planner's assistants. It was a lot of fun (and slightly overwhelming as a future bride), but I loved it and hope to do more of that in the future! Love.

So that's that. It was a low key weekend filled with bbq and booze, running and resting, and all sorts of summery things. It is an absolutely gorgeous day in DC today and I'm excited to spend some time outside after work!

The C&O Canal, as seen from my office.
Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

August 8, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. On Running - I still don't feel like I'm training for a marathon. I'm not doing speed work or hills, my longest run all summer has been 6 miles and I'm certainly not talking about marathon training. My aim is to (quietly) get through the next two weeks with certain mileage planned for my long runs and for the week before I finally sound the alarm for all systems to go. I'm less than 12 weeks out and without any real training plan, the Type A in me is struggling. My number one goal right now is getting through each run without any pain. Last night, I left work and ran the mile down to the Lincoln Memorial where I met my friend Alicia for 3 miles around the Tidal Basin. When I got home, I decided to go for another mile, just to see how it felt. It felt good. I've felt really slow and out of shape this week and a time goal is the furthest thing from my mind right now. I'm just praying that sooner or later, I'll get there.

The biggest issue I'm having is that post-run, my calves tighten up so badly. I'm pretty sure this is causing all of my problems. I have a hand held foam roller but it just doesn't seem to do the trick. So, who wants to buy me this?

2. On Cooking - So, I'm in a cooking rut. I love experimenting with recipes, but lately, nothing I've made has been a huge hit...especially with The Pilot. I'm starting to worry that if I don't start putting some "OMG babe, this is SO good" meals on the table soon, he may renege on his offer to marry me. When he isn't around, it's much easier, because I know what I like but it's hard to cook meals that can be both vegetarian and meat-eater friendly. I have one recipe for chicken with black bean almond pesto that I serve on rice which is perfect...I leave the chicken out for me and still get a high protein dinner...but I'm stumped on other ideas.

3. Ridiculous Wedding Things - I was flipping through a bridal magazine (Baltimore Brides) that a co-worker gave me when I stumbled on this:

Umm WHAT?! So the only way I'm going to look beautiful in my wedding dress is if I get work done?  This is absolutely absurd and I was mortified that someone would actually put this as the NUMBER ONE thing to do on your wedding check list.

That's that guys, I've got to go schedule a consultation for some body contouring! Gross. No thank you, I'm 26.

So, there you have it. Three things for Thursday. I'm so excited for the weekend!
Anyone have any big plans? 


August 7, 2013

Wednesday Things

It's only already Wednesday and this week has been wonderful.

Ever since I got back from California, I've been moving non-stop...either going out with friends or going to yoga after work and not eating dinner or getting home until 9 or 10:00.

I haven't had time to go grocery shopping and have been living off of rice and beans and wilted spinach for a month and it's definitely showing in my energy levels since I'm usually such a big meal planner.

This week, I turned down all plans so that I could get some down time. Monday, after work, I went for a nice 4 mile run on the Mount Vernon Trail. Last night, I came home and decided to try out a new recipe for The Pilot who was coming home from a trip. It was terrible. We probably should have scrapped it and ordered pizza. Oh well.

Aside from the weekend, the only plans I have made are for tonight to go running on the Mall with a friend. I have to run after work anyway, so why not make a date out of it? Also, because I love the Mall and it's my favorite place in the world America...which is why it was so perfect that The Pilot proposed there.

Speaking of that, a lot of people have been asking me if I'm going to blog about wedding planning. I hadn't really thought about it until the questions started rolling in. I've seen a lot of bloggers write "Wedding Wednesday" posts (my goodness, I love the blogging world's appreciation for alliteration) but I had never thought about doing them myself. I am a blogger and obviously blog about my life so I'm not going to not write about wedding planning, but I think it will be more tidbits that I include in my Three Things Thursday posts...or if there's something I feel merits an entire post, that's what I want to do.

At the end of the day, I'm training for the Marine Corps Marathon and pretty soon, that's going to be the majority of what I'm writing about but if people ask, I'll write some posts about wedding planning too =)

The only things I can tell you about our wedding right now are that it will be in DC and that we are looking at venues this month. As for everything else, it'll all unfold in time and I'm not too worried about it.

So that's that!

Tell me: Have you ever taken a break from everything just to have time to zone out with the TV on or read a good book? What are your thoughts on blogging about weddings?

Happy Hump Day!

August 5, 2013

Everything's So Blurry

That is not a metaphorical title but more on that later.

This weekend, The Pilot and I went to New Jersey. It took us an hour and a half just to leave DC and another 3 1/2 hours to get to my mom's house. To say I was restless would be a tremendous understatement.

We spent the car ride making a celebrity guest list for our wedding...because that's just how we roll. We haven't actually made any wedding plans, but we do have a list of celebrities who we would like to be friends with and would like to come to our wedding.

That's how we roll.

When we finally got to my mom's house, she had thrown us an impromptu engagement party. She made The Pilot's favorite dish (how does that work?) and brought us champagne. My aunt made us a key lime cake which was phenomenal.

Those champagne flutes were a gift from my mom. She had no intention of us opening them right then and there but The Pilot insisted. Hey, at least now we have champagne flutes for our wedding!

After celebrations were over, we went to bed. Saturday morning, I was up early to head to a bridal shower down the shore. It was my first time down the shore since Hurricane Sandy and it's nice to see how quickly they're rebuilding everything. Post-shower, I went to go visit my grandparents and then went out to dinner with my mom and sister. We then spent about 3 hours at Barnes & Noble looking at all of the wedding magazines...which are awful.

Sunday morning, I was up way earlier than I wanted to be for my flight back to DC and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch before going to bed at 8:00.

Now, back to the title of this post. Last week, I went to the eye doctor for a routine eye exam...or so I thought. It turns out, I have a serious oxygen deficiency in my cornea which is causing some issues with sudden blurriness and red eyes that I've been having. Apparently, it's pretty serious and because of it, my vision can not currently be corrected to 20/20 until this problem clears up. So I am on a strict no contacts diet for at least a month until this gets resolved, during which I'm on prescription eye drops as well as artificial tears which I'm putting in my eyes about half a dozen times a day.

The problem with all of this is that I can't see anything with my glasses. The doctor even said I was seeing better with contacts. Right now, I'm seeing just about as well with or without my glasses which means I can't see anything, everything is blurry and I am getting major headaches as a result of it. It's a terrible feeling.

I don't even know how this has affected running since I haven't =/. Thursday after work, I headed out for a treadmill run and made it half a mile before my knee started hurting. The weekend was just too busy and I wanted to give myself the rest, so we'll see how this weekend goes.

So that's what's going on in Planes, Trains and Running Shoe land. What's going on everywhere else? Anyone else ever had similar eye issues? Did they clear up?

August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Our Engagement - Thank you all so much for your incredibly sweet comments about our engagement. I was so surprised and am living on a high that isn't going to come down any time soon. I am so overwhelmed by all of the love and support we've gotten from our family, our friends and the internet. A very, very special shout out to Jenna who not only stayed out way too late to pop champagne with us the night our engagement, but took me to get my nails done and then out for Happy Hour with Mrs. Marine. Not having my family around to celebrate, it was absolutely amazing to have her there to share in every single ounce of the excitement I was and am still feeling.

I sincerely hope that the next time the internet gives me this much love, it's after a sub-4 finish at the Marine Corps Marathon.

2. Marathon Training - It's official, I'm back on the marathon training wagon. With 16 pain-free miles in the books from last week (long run of 6), I'm officially declaring the start to my training cycle. Tuesday's lunch time 4-miler was phenomenal. Today's lunch time 4-miler will be postponed to this evening because it is raining and I can't run at lunch time in the rain and still look presentable for work afterward. This weekend's LR will be 8 miles. It's a slow start, but right now I'm just focused on staying injury free. I'm roughly 13 weeks out from the race and know that I have just the right amount of time to get me in shape to cross the Start AND Finish line the way that I want to. Bring. It. On.

Related: Any discussion of potential wedding dates leads to these immediate questions in my mind: Are there any big races that weekend that my friends might be running? What race do I want to run and when in my training cycle is the optimal time to take time off to get married? Do I get married before a marathon or after? #runnerproblems

3. The Weekend - After The Pilot popped the question, we spent the rest of the weekend in newly engaged bliss. I called out of work on a case of extreme excitement, got my nails done and went to Happy Hour with Jenna before joining The Pilot for the Mets v. Nationals game where we sat with Katie and her husband who were in DC for the weekend. Katie and I have been reading each other's blogs forever and it was so great to finally meet her!

Saturday,  one of my good friends from college was in town with his girlfriend for the Mets game and we went with them before going to District Chophouse for some beers.

Sunday, The Pilot and I went to church and then he left for the week. I went long running, did laundry and pretended to clean my house while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.

This weekend, I'm headed home for a bridal shower (not mine) and I'm so excited to finally see my family and celebrate with them.

Happy Thursday friends!
Keep running and keep it real!
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