August 27, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. I had a nice long weekend since I took off on Friday to head to my friend Carolann's wedding. I flew up to New Jersey on Thursday night, stayed at my mom's and The Pilot and I drove out to Long Island on Friday morning for the wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous. Love.

2. It was our first wedding as an engaged couple and it was so much fun to think that that will be us next year! We had way too much fun dancing and having sing-a-longs with the band and it was a great time to catch up with old friends. Love.

Photobooth Fun!
3. Despite being on Long Island for the wedding...and oh so close to Queens, The Pilot and I decided to skip out on Saturday's Mets game in favor of spending some quality time with my family. I KNOW. WHO AM I. This basically means that I won't go to a Mets game this year...which is devastating. Don't Love.
4. I tried really hard to put off my long run this weekend...and by put off, I mean skip out on it. I was going to run on Friday...and stayed up until 2am. Then on Saturday...but stayed up until 2am. I ended up running on Sunday and having the best long run of my training cycle. Love. 
5. I am so excited that this weekend is another long weekend. Love.
6. The Marine Corps Marathon is 9 weeks away. Cue sheer excitement and a little but of terror. I've had to ignore Twitter on weekend mornings to avoid going into freakout mode over the fact that most fall marathoners are already on their 18s and 20s and I'm a little bit behind, but I'm making this work and I'm feeling really good about it. Love/Don't Love.
7. Last night, Peyton got really excited when I came home and head butted me in the knee. Now, I have a really big bruise and it hurts to walk. Don't Love.

Lastly, in the biggest LOVE, LOVE, LOVE news of all:

When The Pilot and I moved to DC together in December, he wasn't able to change his base with the airline and has been commuting to Newark for the last 9 months. Last Thursday, he flew his last trip out of Newark and is now, officially (as of Friday) based here in Washington, DC. He'll be home a lot more and he won't have to deal with commuting anymore (which can be an absolute nightmare when you rely on air transport for your commute) and we're both really excited about it.

So that's that! Sorry I'm a day late on this post! Yesterday was a busy day!


  1. So happy he'll be home more! That's great news!! And I wouldn't worry so much about the mileage, we still have 2 months left and there's plenty of time to catch up. I'm only at 16 right now. And I don't run 18 until after my half that's on September 28!

  2. YAY for the Pilot being based out of DC!! That's a huge LOVE for today :) But boo for not making it to a Mets game this year :( I'm disappointed in not making it to more than 1 new stadium this year. Maybe I can make it to DC by the end of September, or Detroit, but that's probably it. Meh.

  3. I love your love/don't love posts.

  4. Yay for The Pilot! And I am so obsessed with that picture of you two, you have no idea. Don't worry about your long runs, it's fine, you'll rock it! i LOVE YOU! XOXOX

  5. Y'all are too cute in that picture! And yay for no more commute!


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