August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Our Engagement - Thank you all so much for your incredibly sweet comments about our engagement. I was so surprised and am living on a high that isn't going to come down any time soon. I am so overwhelmed by all of the love and support we've gotten from our family, our friends and the internet. A very, very special shout out to Jenna who not only stayed out way too late to pop champagne with us the night our engagement, but took me to get my nails done and then out for Happy Hour with Mrs. Marine. Not having my family around to celebrate, it was absolutely amazing to have her there to share in every single ounce of the excitement I was and am still feeling.

I sincerely hope that the next time the internet gives me this much love, it's after a sub-4 finish at the Marine Corps Marathon.

2. Marathon Training - It's official, I'm back on the marathon training wagon. With 16 pain-free miles in the books from last week (long run of 6), I'm officially declaring the start to my training cycle. Tuesday's lunch time 4-miler was phenomenal. Today's lunch time 4-miler will be postponed to this evening because it is raining and I can't run at lunch time in the rain and still look presentable for work afterward. This weekend's LR will be 8 miles. It's a slow start, but right now I'm just focused on staying injury free. I'm roughly 13 weeks out from the race and know that I have just the right amount of time to get me in shape to cross the Start AND Finish line the way that I want to. Bring. It. On.

Related: Any discussion of potential wedding dates leads to these immediate questions in my mind: Are there any big races that weekend that my friends might be running? What race do I want to run and when in my training cycle is the optimal time to take time off to get married? Do I get married before a marathon or after? #runnerproblems

3. The Weekend - After The Pilot popped the question, we spent the rest of the weekend in newly engaged bliss. I called out of work on a case of extreme excitement, got my nails done and went to Happy Hour with Jenna before joining The Pilot for the Mets v. Nationals game where we sat with Katie and her husband who were in DC for the weekend. Katie and I have been reading each other's blogs forever and it was so great to finally meet her!

Saturday,  one of my good friends from college was in town with his girlfriend for the Mets game and we went with them before going to District Chophouse for some beers.

Sunday, The Pilot and I went to church and then he left for the week. I went long running, did laundry and pretended to clean my house while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.

This weekend, I'm headed home for a bridal shower (not mine) and I'm so excited to finally see my family and celebrate with them.

Happy Thursday friends!
Keep running and keep it real!


  1. I love this post so much! And that sub-4 is yours in October! So excited for MCM!

  2. I love ABC Fam HP marathons. I miss having cable.

    So glad your knee is better and you are getting PUMPED to CRUSH MCM!

  3. EEEEE congrats again! So happy I got to see you on Monday (and your ring!) Have fun with the family this weekend and keep basking in the post-engagement excitement!

  4. Such a fun time - ENJOY!!!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting.

  6. I couldn't come up with a witty comment, but <3 times a bajillion. SO EXCITED FOR YOU.

  7. Ahh! Between getting engaged and a successful start to training - girl, it's your year! :)

  8. I am still so excited for you!! I am going to a wedding in March in Detroit and am planning on running a 10k with the gf I am going with and possibly the bride! #RUNNERSAWESOMEPROBLEMS

  9. Hey look-- there's my face!! :) I'm cracking up at how you're picking a wedding date. But I understand-- we had to plan ours around baseball. I had originally wanted an October wedding, but that would be during the playoffs. So, early November it was! Hahaha (ps--I'm so delinquent in blog reading, so forgive the super late comment...)


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