August 29, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Pandora - If you don't know what Pandora is, you're living under a rock. Pandora is one of those wonderful internet things that I always forget about. Monday morning though, I was in the mood to listen to something calm and opted to put Norah Jones into my Pandora station. This is hands down, my new favorite Pandora station and I can't stop listening to it. It's the perfect blend of music to listen to at work, when you don't necessarily want to be rockin' out to your favorite running jams. It plays a great mix of Ray Charles, Ray Lamontagne, Bruno Mars, Etta James...and an amazing collection of French songs like 'La Vie En Rose' that make me feel like I'm back in Paris with The Pilot strolling along the Seine eating giant macaroons.

This time last year, the Pilot and I were in Paris. Maybe we should go back this weekend...*sigh*

2. Volunteering - Throughout high school and college, I was always really involved in volunteering. Since I graduated college though, I've had minimal opportunities to volunteer. Since I moved to DC, I've been volunteering with Girls on the Run DC, helping them conduct site visits. I'd love to one day coach a team, but sadly, my work schedule doesn't allow for it. Starting this fall, I'll be volunteering with my church doing youth ministry, which I'm really excited about. The Pilot and I found our church back in February after some pretty extensive church shopping and have really fallen in love with it. They church is also a school and I'm excited to get more involved with it.

3. September - This weekend marks the first weekend of September. I'm not going to make some "OMG THE YEAR IS FLYING BY" comment because, please...calm down. We say that every year. January really doesn't seem like it was just here, so settle down everyone. What I'm upset about in regards to September is that I'm now a fully fledged adult who pays taxes and rent and that means that my mom isn't taking me Back to School Shopping for shiny notebooks, pens and new clothes...and that makes me sad. Oh well, Mom is coming to visit in September so maybe I'll make the case for buying me back to school clothes...even though I'm not going back to school.

Well, it's a holiday weekend and I hope you all do something fabulous to enjoy it!
Happy Last Weekend of Summer!

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