October 6, 2015

Coffee Date: Marathon Edition

Holy smokes kids, it's Race Week! Months of training and here it is! Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about how I'm feeling about it, shall we? Sit down, grab a cup of pumpkin spice (or whatever it i you fancy) and join me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my mom is amazing and booked a last minute flight to Chicago yesterday so that she can be at my race.

I would tell you that despite a great 10 mile run this weekend, I was still completely terrified of running Chicago until my social media feeds blew up with Wineglass and Twin Cities Marathon updates. Now, I'm pumped. The only run I did last week was that 10 mile run. I really just didn't feel like running throughout the week, so I didn't, but I'm feeling really good right now...and slightly terrified still.

I think the reason I'm so terrified is that this will be  the first marathon I've gone into without having done a training race before. I haven't raced since Cherry Blossom, so the whole race day feel just feels slightly unfamiliar.

I would tell you that my Garmin is dying and I'm not sure what to do about it. I bought The Pilot one for his birthday so I can use his for the race, but I'm debating whether to run with it at all. I'm worried about going out too fast without it but I like the idea of just enjoying the run. I've run some of my best races watch-less.

I would tell you that I didn't get into the London Marathon and I'm fine with it. It was the sixth consecutive year that I didn't get into this race and it's number 1 on my race bucket list but I was so miserable training for the DC Rock 'n' Roll Half this winter that the idea of training for 26.2 in the middle of the winter terrifies me, but I did get into the Seawheeze Half-Marathon! I'll be taking my first trip to Vancouver in August and running with my New York running buddy, Emily. It's almost a year away, but I have big goals for this race.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that The Pilot and I went to a spin class at Biker Barre on Sunday night. He had a great workout. I was on a bike with a broken resistance knob and was bored the whole time.

I would also tell you that we didn't do much of anything else this weekend. The weather in DC was miserable and I was perfectly content to lounge around the house.

I would tell you that I need a vacation...or maybe just a staycation. Hawaii was fabulous but we were up at the crack of dawn every morning and on the go. I need either a stay-in-your-pajamas-and-binge-watch-tv-all-week week or a roast-on-a-beach-in-a-lounge-chair vacation. It's crazy cold in DC so obviously the latter is preferable but I don't think either are going to happen any time soon.

What's on your mind this morning?
What kind of coffee are you drinking and what would you tell me?

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