October 5, 2015

3 Perfect Days on Oahu, Day 2: The North Shore

Thursday morning we had our sites set on an early morning hike to watch the sunset from the Pillbox Trail. When we woke up though, we could hear that it was raining heavily.

Carolann pointed out that the weather is really fickle on Oahu, so we attempted to make our way to the trail anyway, but when we got there, it was completely covered in mud and just climbing the 10 feet up to start was difficult, so we turned around and headed to a coffee shop instead for breakfast.

When we decided to go to Hawaii (4 hours before we actually did), I asked The Pilot what the one thing he wanted to do was. His answer? Surfing. So after much Yelping, I booked us a lesson with the North Shore Surf Girls and we headed out to the beach. I really didn't want to surf, but it was our anniversary and I felt like I should oblige The Pilot, so into the water sand we went!

Our lesson started on the beach for about 15 minutes before we headed into the water. If you have ever done yoga, surfing is really hard. Surfing is basically reverse vinyasa except that you place your feet in all the places that you don't place your feet in yoga. The Pilot had mastered his pop-up within 30 seconds while I required a significant amount more time, but you know what? Once we got out there, it all came together (kind of) and I stood up my first time!

I'm on the Left...The Pilot is on the Right (to the left).
Surfing was fun but it was exhausting. I went about 5 rounds and stood up twice. Once, I just missed the wave and another time, I crashed into 3 people. That was terrifying. The hardest part was coming to shore and then having to swim back out. Those boards were enormous and my arms were way too short to effectively be able to swim so after my fifth time, I was ready to just lay on the beach with Carolann...especially since the sun was coming out!

After our surf lesson, we made our way down the road a bit to another beach where we saw these beautiful creatures just hanging out, taking a breather, eating some algae. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are a critically endangered species and it was really amazing to see them in the wild.

After visiting the sea turtles, we made our way to Waimea Falls, a botanical garden that offers an easy hike ending in a waterfall that you can jump in! We had the most ridiculous fun in the waterfall. I'd never actually seen one and it was so fun swimming underneath it and letting the rush of the water push you out. This was easily one of my favorite things about our trip!

By now, we were starving so we left Waimea and continued our tour through the North Shore, taking a trip to Kahuku Farms for lunch at their Farm Cafe. It was pouring when we got there but that didn't stop us from ordering food that was literally fresh off the farm.

TL: Kahuku Farms, TR and BL: Scenes on the North Shore, BR: Grilled Banana Bread with Vanilla & Coconut Caramel Sauce and Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Ice Cream...aka heaven in food form.
It was still pouring when we left the Farm Cafe so we decided to take a detour and have a drink at Turtle Bay...the resort where they filmed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." We drank Mai Tais on the beach and then walked around the hotel lobby where we met Hina and Kahuna...surf dogs! They were so sweet and every time their owner said the word "surf," they perked up.

We left Turtle Bay and made the long drive back to Kailua where we met up with Carolann's husband and headed to Honolulu for dinner and drinks at Pint & Jigger.

So that was it! Our second day in Hawaii! Despite the fact that it rained almost all day, we still managed to have an amazing time...further proof that Hawaii is awesome!

Later this week, I'll be posting about our third and final day in Hawaii!
Stay tuned, and Happy Monday!
Have you ever had a rainy day on a tropical vacation? How did you make the most of it?

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