October 1, 2015


Feeling... like it's Friday. I'm in serious need of a weekend. I'm feeling run down and I desperately need a reset. We're supposed to get hit with a hurricane this weekend so I may not leave my house.

Reading... The Best American Travel Writing 2013, edited by Elizabeth Gilbert. You might be surprised to know that I don't read travel writing but one of the categories on my 2015 Book Challenge is a book of short stories and I picked this up at a Little Free Library in my neighborhood. It's a nice change of pace from the novels I've been reading all year. I read a phenomenal story about Cuba, an interesting perspective on the running of bulls in Pamplona, a terrible story about a woman in Egypt who wore a burqa in Egypt but called it a Niqab, and some others.

Watching... "The Goldbergs." The Pilot started watching this show awhile ago and I never really got into it, but we started watching it from the beginning and it is hilarious. It's about a family living in the 80s. Adam Goldberg, the producer, created the show based on his real life and at the end, he always shows actual video clips from his family. Last night, we watched an episode that was In Loving Memory of the Video Store.

Thinking about... a lunch time trip to the grocery store to pick up some comfort food necessities for the weekend.

Needing... to run. I haven't run all week. I've just been too tired.

Waiting... to find out whether or not I was accepted into the London Marathon.

Hating... the metro. There was a fire last week (nothing major) that has basically thrown the entire system into collapse. It hasn't taken me less than an hour to get to or from work in two weeks and they're saying it's going to be another 6 months of this...which in Metro-speak means more like 18.

Planning... a weekend of cleaning my house and laying in bed watching movies and reading books. A Harry Potter Marathon might be in order.

Loving... pay days!

What's your favorite way to spend a lazy weekend?
Have you ever read any travel literature? Any recommendations?
What's on your 'Currently...' list?

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