February 27, 2015

February Finds

For your Friday morning, here's a list of things I found on the internet this month that I found interesting or funny. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

One of my favorite things to do when I'm having a bad day is do a google image search of 'puppies snuggling stuffed animals.' On a recent exploit into this search, I came across this amazing article of a baby covered in French bulldog puppies.It is amazing and there are significantly more photos than just the ones on this Buzzfeed.

I was on a plane during the Super Bowl but I still caught some of the commercials. This one from Budweiser pissed me off. It's nice to know that a conglomerate is trying to bash small, American-owned businesses. I saw this awesome response on Emily's blog a few weeks ago.

Jenn posted this video a few weeks ago and I was dying watching it!

The hilarious Sarah recently posted "To the Curly Haired Little Girls" which basically meant that she wrote a post to me. Growing up with thick, coiled Latin girl curls was definitely a struggle. To this day, I have a hard time finding a place to get my hair cut because most people just don't know what to do with my head of curls once they see it. I love the message behind this post. #embracethecurl

This post, about authors who regretted their book's fame, made me sad. I was devastated to learn that A.A. Milne hated Pooh Bear, though I thought Annie Proulx sounded whiny and bitter about the success of Brokeback Mountain (which I neither saw or read).

Alexis wrote a post about Starting a Natural Body Care Routine and it definitely piqued my interest. I've been thinking about switching to a castille based body wash for awhile now.

What happens when Downton Abbey stars sort their characters into Hogwarts Houses? Hilarity. The Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) is obviously a Gryffindor. I think some of these were pretty spot on though Hufflepuff wasn't shown any love and I think that Mrs. Patmore would definitely be a Hufflepuff.

If you have any questions for The Pilot, you only have the weekend to post them!
Happy Friday!


  1. That Downton and Hogwarts mix sounds amazing. Two of my favorite things :)!

  2. The kids eating breakfast seriously had me laughing! Did you watch the one about the birds and the bees? It was awkward and funny too! I need to check out some of the other links you mentioned here!
    Hope you have a good weekend, friend!!

  3. First of all, I'm probably late to the game but I LOVE your new blog layout!!!! So simple and so awesome :) That craft beer video is a PERFECT response to Budweiser--love it!! And the kids video is adorable, haha!


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