March 2, 2015

Love/Don't Love

1. We had another delayed opening this morning because of icy conditions. I definitely needed it since I didn't get to bed until midnight last night. Love.
2. Speaking of icy conditions, I've never seen anything like it. My entire neighborhood was like an ice skating rink. Walking a dog in that kind of weather is treacherous. Don't Love.
3. This weekend I went to Ted's Bulletin for brunch and David Gregory was there. He is really tall in person. Love.

I did not stop David Gregory to ask him for a picture. He was with his son.
But we both had pop-tarts. I ordered Salted Caramel and they gave me Brown Sugar Cinnamon.
I was ok with it.
4. I haven't gotten my 'Ask the Pilot' post up because The Pilot's and my schedules haven't really lined up lately. Don't Love. If you still have questions though, you can still leave them in the comments.
5. The Pilot and I took our first married trip to Ikea this weekend...and we're still married! Success! I contribute our success to the fact that we didn't buy anything that required use of an allen wrench. Love.
6. I'm not feeling great about my half-marathon next weekend. Don't Love.
7. I did get new insoles for my shoes, which I'm hoping will help things. Love.
8. One month ago, I cut 6 inches off of my hair. I hate it. I love the length, but the cut is awful. I feel like I've had a bad hair day every day for a month. I'm hoping to get it fixed this week. Don't Love.
9. I did some major weekend warrior cooking yesterday. (It's why I was up until midnight). For the first time, I actually have lunch completely packed and ready to go for every day this week. Love.

How was your weekend?
What are you loving (or not loving) this Monday?

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  1. The ice is so weird, the roads are perfectly fine, it's just the sidewalks. I can't believe they canceled school, so crazy.

    I need to get my hair cut, too! I just don't want to lose the length that I love now. I used to change it up all the time but now I love my longer hair. I hope yours gets fixed. Let me know if you want to try someone new, I LOVE my stylist.

  2. Your hair looked great when I saw you!! But I get it, when you don't like it, it's not good. I hope you can get a new do soon so you're feeling good again! The ice outside this morning was insane! I almost fell so many times when I took Coop out this morning.
    Can't wait for the Pilot's interview--and I'm glad that you two survived Ikea. If you can survive putting furniture together and house projects, you are meant to be ;) haha

  3. Weekend was good, finally we left the house after 2 weeks inside. It felt awesome!


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