February 12, 2015


Feeling... Productive. I'm having a good week.

Reading... The King's Curse. I'm debating whether I should reread Philippa Gregory's series on The Tudors after this. I read them in high school and kind of want to read them again. I'm half way through this one and what I can't seem to understand is why everyone sympathizes with Ann Boleyn...

Listening to... I've put Invisibilia on hold while I'm reading my latest book, but I definitely plan on picking it up and catching up on it.

Watching... I haven't turned my TV on in about a week...so nothing.

Thinking about... our apartment. It's starting to look awesome...at least, the living room and kitchen are. The bedroom needs help. That might be this weekend's project. I'm thinking shelves...new bedding and some pictures on the wall.

Working on... our apartment, my blog, sorting through our wedding photos...lots of stuff.

Loving... this picture that Abby took of The Pilot and I with Peyton after he got home from a week away. I plan on blowing it up and framing it because it's perfect.

Needing... new running shoes. Mine are starting to wear pretty thin and the only other pair I have bother my knee. I'm starting to think about investing in a pair of Hokas...as ridiculously sized as they are, I've heard a lot of people say that they can eliminate knee pain. Anyone have any luck with them?

Excited about... my birthday weekend and the massage I booked for myself on Monday afternoon! Oh hey 3 day weekend!


  1. Fill me in on these Hokas....I've never heard on them and am looking for some support.

    I don't understand people sympathizing with AB either. She's a straight up Biatch!

    Happy birthday weekend!

  2. I totally think you should get the picture blown up and put it up in your place--it's too perfect!
    Love looking through wedding photos! Wedding dress/Album party soon! haha
    The pic of you, the pilot and you pup is adorable, too! Basically, I think you guys are just an adorable family who doesn't take bad pics lol
    Yay for a massage and birthday weekend!!

  3. I've never had Hokas, but I do have back/hip pain and I love my gel Kayanos. I'm pretty sure you've had asics before lol. I got the NY Marathon kayanos and I like them so far; I used to hate asics but they've gotten a lot better.

  4. I switched to Hokas last year from Mizunos and have never looked back. I've had ACL reconstruction on both of my knees, so I switched for similar knee pain issues. Since switching, I haven't had any issues at all. Highly recommended :)

    1. Wow! That is an awesome endorsement! Thank you! I'm going to pick up a pair this weekend!

  5. Hi! I'm hopping over from Going the Distance. Philippa Gregory is one of my favorite authors and I loved the Tudor series. The Cousin Wars just weren't the same. I haven't read The King's Curse, but I think I knew about it and if I remember correctly, I wasn't sure I wanted to read it because it was about Anne Boleyn again. Should I read it?


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