February 16, 2015

28 and Feeling Great

This weekend was my 28th birthday!

I kicked things off on Friday with drinks after work with one of my new co-workers. Afterward, The Pilot and I headed out to a Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood that I discovered last weekend. We ordered decadent sizzling fajitas and then headed home to watch TV.

Saturday, we woke up and started doing some stuff around the house before heading to Eastern Market for brunch. It had been ages since I'd been there for brunch and it definitely didn't disappoint. After the movie, we headed to E Street Cinemas to watch "The Imitation Game." It was so good! I absolutely loved it! Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible and I found the movie to be really well told.

After the movie, The Pilot and I headed to Sona Creamery for dinner. We had gone there for my birthday just after they opened last year and, while the cheese was amazing, the service was really disappointed. While we were eating, the snow really started coming down so we had a very snowy walk home!

Cheese is the way to my heart.
Sunday, after sleeping in, The Pilot made me some banana bread and then we put on 17 layers of clothes and headed out for 3 cold, windy miles around Capitol Hill. It was miserably cold and I definitely wasn't up for running any longer than that.

Mmm banana bread

We treated ourselves to salads at Sweetgreen after our run and then spent the rest of the day lounging, doing some stuff around the house. Oh...and this happened.

I had a guaranteed entry code that I had until February 28th to use. I was really unsure as to whether I wanted to run Cherry Blossom given my past history with the race (only running it once out of four times being registered), but I decided to give it ago. Holly is coming for the weekend so it'll be fun! We'll see what happens!

I'm so happy I have the day off today! I booked myself a massage for the afternoon and I'm excited to see what the rest of the day has in store!

If you're off today, I hope you enjoy your day too!
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Birthday, lady! Looks like a wonderful, albeit cold, weekend! I was in Texas enjoying the 70s and man, I'm so ready for warm weather! :)

    WOOHOO Cherry Blossom! I've played in their soccer tournament a few times, but never got in to the race. I know you'll rock it!

  2. I'm so glad you had a fun birthday weekend!!! I give you a lot of credit for going running in the blustery weather and I'm glad you had a good co-pilot :) I can't WAIT for the Cherry Blossom--I have a great feeling about the race for you and the weekend will be so fun!!! :) Enjoy your day off!!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!!! I love that there was banana bread and running aaaaand race registration, haha. Seems very apt ;) Jealous that you have the day off!!

  4. Happy birthday!!!! Enjoy the race, I heard good things about it!!

  5. Happy happy birthday!! Glad to see you had such a wonderful celebratory weekend. :)

  6. Happy birthday (again!) haha So glad that you had a great birthday weekend! 28 was my favorite year, and I'm sure this year will be awesome for you!
    Again, major props for going out in the cold--I dunno how you did it, but I'm impressed! :)

  7. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Belated happy birthday. And I miss Sweet Greens! I loved going there when Emily lived in DC.


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