January 2, 2015

On Training and Racing in 2015

Before I can even think about training plans, I need to put a race on my schedule.

Ever since I bounced back from the never-ending injury, I've had it in my head that I need to run a marathon.

Last April, I didn't start the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, barely finished the Nike Women's Half and didn't finish the Alexandria Half. Yet, I set my sights on a fall marathon...initially thinking about Richmond, later turning my eyes on Rehoboth, and then eventually to Shamrock in March.

I'm really glad that I didn't focus on training as much as I needed to to run these races because looking back at last year, I had no business setting my sights on a marathon when I couldn't even get through a half in 2014.

It's been over two years since my last marathon at Richmond...which means it's been two years since I've set my sights on a sub-4 marathon. That doesn't mean I want it any less, but if I truly do want to get back to running marathons and finally run a sub-4, I've got to take it slow.

I'll start by training for a Half. When I agreed to run Shamrock, The Pilot agreed to run the Half. I'm not sure if we're still planning on running that race. Traveling for a race gets expensive and it isn't as easy for him to get a full weekend off as it is for me, so if Shamrock doesn't pan out, we'll stay local and run the DC Rock & Roll Half.

Next up, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I've thought long and hard about whether I want to run this race this year...or hang up my Cherry Blossom bib forever. After signing up for that race four times and only running it once, I've always felt like I've had a streak of bad luck with Cherry Blossom. But it's a hometown race, and I have an entry. Plus, Holly is coming back to run it this year!

I'd like to run another Half sometime in May...maybe aim for a PR. I haven't heard great things about the Zooma race in Annapolis but I've been wanting to visit Annapolis and it might be a fun way to visit.

So that's my plan for the next few months. If it wasn't obvious from the start of this post, my fall goal is a marathon. I'm hoping that by running some shorter distance races this spring, I'll build a strong enough base to really finally push for a strong sub-4.

Wish me luck.
I'm praying that this year is finally my year. 


  1. Im sure you'll reach your goals--you're so motivated!! :)

  2. I'm THIS close to signing up for the March Rock and Roll. Let's train together!

    I know you'll rock out the races you choose to do. And you're going to kill your marathon :)!

  3. I ran the Zooma Annapolis half marathon in 2012 and had a good experience. A lot of different running surfaces, but scenic course for the most part with good race support and not too crowded.

  4. Gah to someone like me this is so ambitious, but knowing you, this sounds amazing. I'm hoping to finally get myself up to a half-marathon, but I'm excited to root for you on the sidelines (way over here in CA..haha). <3

  5. I SWEAR I commented on this already, but apparently not :( SORRY!!

    I reeeeeally hope you run Cherry Blossom!! I loved seeing you at the finish line last year, but it would be so awesome to actually run a race 'with' you again :) And hey, Cleveland is always available if you wanna come back to run that half in May!! The course is reverse from before, so you end on a lot of hills on that Shoreway (by the lake, the first 4 miles from 2013) buuuut it's still rather hilly.

    And this just in: my dad is signing up for the Columbus MARATHON in October. And I'll be running the half. Registration opens Feb. 1, so he's signing up and there's no turning back :-D If HE can run a marathon and he'll be 61 by then, you can definitely get back into things and run a fall marathon :)


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