March 13, 2014

Wedding Things VII: Details

6 months from now, I'll be walking down the aisle.

That's crazy.

We're getting married in SIX MONTHS! It's finally starting to feel real!

Since the moment we got engaged, everyone has told us to just enjoy it because it flies by...and I haven't felt like that at all!

Seriously, I asked The Pilot a few weeks ago if we could move our wedding up to June.

I was only half joking.

I still don't feel like time is flying by, but it's finally, finally starting to feel close. So, here's what's on our plate at the 6 month mark.

This weekend, The Pilot and I have Step 6 of our Pre-Cana process. I wish I was joking. I've really enjoyed the Pre-Cana program, but communicating with our church has been virtually impossible. Step 6 is a seminar taught by the priest who is marrying us. After that, we have one other meeting with him, and then just a lot of paperwork and we'll be all set.

It's funny, while I've found planning our wedding to be relatively easy, I've found myself stressing about the things that I thought would be the least of our concerns. The church is one of them. It's absolutely impossible to get any questions answered by anyone at our parish. I've been trying to figure out if we will have to pay a fee or donation to use the church for 4 months now...still haven't been able to get an answer...from anyone! That's just one example.

Hair & Makeup
Another headache? Hair and makeup. I never thought it would be so difficult to find someone to do my hair for our wedding. I'm the only one getting my hair done for that day and I couldn't find anyone who would come do my hair unless we had a minimum of three or four people getting services, or some ridiculous minimum amount like $700. What? What about people with small bridal parties? On top of that, it's just absurd what they cost. $250 to put bobby pins in my hair? Seriously? I finally found someone who has great reviews on Wedding Wire and is reasonably priced in comparison with everyone else, and doesn't require a minimum of any kind. I have a trial scheduled for next weekend, so we'll see how that goes!

{Unsourced from Pinterest}

I figured out what we're doing! Let's just say there's going to be a lot of DIY and I'm probably going to take a trip to Texas to assembly line the heck out of our centerpieces with my sisters, sister-in-law, brother and step mom so we can knock it all out. Hear that Dad? The best part? We're keeping our centerpieces way under the budget I had planned for them which is awesome! Here's some inspiration for what we're trying to do.


My Trousseau
This week, I ordered a fabulous dress from ModCloth for our Rehearsal. I hope it fits ok because it was one of those OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS finds and I don't want to have to wait until September to wear it.

I also ordered my wedding shoes! They're from Kate Spade and I had every intention of spending over $300 on them, but when I found out they were sold out online, I managed to order them from an outlet at $200 off. WIN! Again, I just hope they fit right!

The Pilot and I agreed that we don't want a traditional rehearsal dinner. We want to have a welcome party and just tell everyone who's already in to stop by and say hello. We found a place that's right near our hotel that just opened up two weeks ago that would be perfect. We're working with them to get the details sorted out and I really hope it works out!

So, that's that. I'm hoping to have these everything we haven't figured out all sorted by the end of this month. We'll see! Once those details are taken care of, then we'll be able to sit back and relax! I'm getting so excited!!


  1. Where's the rehearsal dinner spot? I know we were talking about it a few weeks ago!
    Just wait--it will REALLY speed up at 3 months. I'm not even kidding!

  2. Love the hair ideas and the centerpieces!! knowing your love of travel and your fiance being a pilot, this is perfect!!!

    it's funny about the "it's here so fast". while planning you can't wait for the day and it feels so long, but once the day is here, it feels everything went by really quick and it's all a blur.

  3. So awesome!! Sounds like you're moving right along with plans :)


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