March 17, 2014

Love/Don't Love

1. SNOW DAY!!!!! Love.
2. It's March 17. Two days ago, it was 68 degrees. Today, there are 4 inches of snow on the ground. Don't Love.
3. Seriously though, if it has to snow 3 days before the official start of spring, at least I got a day off out of it. Love. 
4. The Pilot got a Snow Day too! Love.
5. This weekend was pretty low key. I still wasn't feeling great, so I laid low. Leanna had a St. Patrick's Day Party that The Pilot and I headed out to and other than that, we didn't do too much. Love.

St. Paddy's Day Green
6. My wedding shoes came in on Friday and they're perfect. I may have cried. I got insanely excited. Probably because I never had that "I found the dress" this was the next best thing. I will probably fall apart when Mama finishes my dress. Love. 

They're Kate Spade and I <3 them.
7. This morning, I ran 4 miles. My longest post-injury run yet. It was awesome. Love.

I don't run in the snow. I don't need to re-injure myself, thanks.
No, I wasn't running at a 15:00 pace. This was my cool down. 
8. While on the treadmill, I was thinking about how badly I want to go to a spin class this week. Lo and behold, Sweetgreen announced a free spin class at Revolve this Friday. Sign up here and join me, Megan and Logan if you're interested! Love.

So that's that. This week will be filled with workouts, good meals, more binge watching of Scandal, warmer weather (because seriously, spring is drink) and new adventures. I'm pretty stoked about it. 


  1. Pretty shoes! And nice job on the run!

  2. I'm shocked at the moment because I so seriously thought that spring started in April and it's officially 3 days away! Glad you have so many things to love right now though! :)

  3. Things are going really well right now for you (minus the weather). Let's hope for some nice and sunny spring days very soon! I want to go out there for walks with the little one and hopefully start running soon!

  4. I thought it only took you 15 minutes to run 4 miles. I was like whaaaaaaa?? Haha.


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