March 12, 2014


Feeling... Lousy. I've been bedridden with a sinus infection for the last 4 days. I tried going into work this morning and had to leave at lunch time because I felt so sick. I'm hopped up on antibiotics and hoping I start to feel better by tomorrow because I haven't been this sick since I caught pneumonia 5 years ago.

Reading... Still reading Sherlock Holmes. I like it, but being sick and having all of this sinus pressure, I haven't really felt up to reading much this week.

Drinking... not nearly enough water as I should be.

Watching... Scandal. Being cooped up on the couch all week means binge watching Netflix. I plowed my way through Season 1 and started on Season 2 when I got home today. It took a few episodes to get into it, but now I'm hooked.

Anticipating... the delivery of a gorgeous ModCloth dress I bought which I think will be perfect for our rehearsal night.

Do you shop ModCloth? I'm obsessed.
Wishing for... a good run. Being sick, I've had to put my return to running on hiatus and I'm eager to get back to it.

Loving... The Pilot's weekends off. Since starting his career as a commercial airline pilot, it's extremely rare for him to have weekends off. This month, he has 4 of the 5 weekends off, and it's been great having him around to go out with friends, shop for registry gifts, and enjoy the gorgeous weekends we've had over the last two weeks.

So that's that. 
Time to get back to resting up, binge watching Scandal and drinking lots of tea. 
Any home remedies for getting better quickly?

1 comment:

  1. I'm right now home waiting for the girl and need some entertainment, I might start Scandal on Netflix. Everybody is talking about it! :)


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