February 24, 2014

Love/Don't Love

1. This morning, I forced myself out of bed at 6:15, put on my running clothes and headed out for a 2 mile run on the Mount Vernon Trail. It was glorious. I haven't run before work in months and it felt so amazing to start the day with an ok feeling run. Love.

This morning's yummy post-run breakfast.
Fluffy scrambled eggs, blood orange slices and an oatmeal breakfast cookie. 
2. This weekend was productive, yet relaxing. Friday I stayed in and cleaned the apartment. Saturday, I went to a museum with a friend, went for a run in the sunshine and met up with Andrea for a double date night. Sunday I worked at the running store, did some grocery shopping
wtih Lauren and went to church. Productive, yet relaxing. Love.

Beer samplers from Gordon Biersch...why commit to one when you can have them all?
3. It was gorgeous this weekend. I don't even care that it's frigid again. I desperately needed some sunshine and I'm so happy I got outside to enjoy it. Love.

Guys playing roller hockey outside the White House. 

3. I'm at a point in this whole wedding planning process where I feel like we're done. Sure, we still have stuff to do, but everything has been planned and I'm feeling really good about it. 7 months in and I have yet to get stressed about it. Love.
4. This weekend was one of those weekends where I wish I didn't live so far from my family. Every part of me wanted to hop on a plane to Texas this weekend. Unfortunately, the long flight and the standby lists to come back on Sunday meant that I probably could have gone, but only for about 19 hours. Don't Love. 
5. At the same time, I am grateful to still live super close to my mom. This weekend, I have my first wedding dress fitting with her and I can't wait! Love.

That's that! Busy week ahead full of RUNNING!


  1. SUPER exciting about the dress fitting!! YAY!
    I loved the weather this weekend--it was perfect!
    Glad you're on top of things with the wedding. I've felt very much like you the majority of the time (minus recently where littler things are adding up a bit). Enjoy it!! No need to stress :)

  2. So exciting for your first fitting!!

    Your breakfast looks really yummy, too!

  3. Lots to love today!! So glad you were able to enjoy an outdoor run this morning--I looove morning runs :) I hope you have a great time at your dress fitting!


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