February 20, 2014


Feeling... Tired. Bring on the coffee. I didn't sleep on Monday night and it's thrown off my week. I'm also feeling incredibly sore from Tuesday's run...but good sore...like the kind of sore you get after a long run or race so that's good...I think.

Reading (Still)... Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Whyyyy won't this book end? I've been reading it all month and it just won't end. It is, at times, wildly exciting and, at others, mind numbingly boring. The story doesn't seem to be building to anything, which doesn't seem promising but I haven't given up on it because 1) I never give up on a book and 2) when people see me reading this everywhere I go, they tell me how great it is...seriously, at work, on the Metro, at the doctor...

Eating... Greek yogurt...sans granola because I forgot it and that makes me sad.

Drinking... Coffee.

Watching... I watched the Olympics last night. Figure skating is really the only Olympics sport that I have any interest in so for the last two weeks, I haven't been watching anything. I did finally subscribe to Netflix though so let the binge watching begin this weekend.

Adelina Sotnikova (RU) was amazing!
Anticipating... our wedding! It's starting to feel close!

Wishing for... a warm weather vacation. Since Hawaii didn't pan out, I'm looking to go somewhere else that's sunny and warm. It was gorgeous in DC yesterday. It's going to snow next week. Mother Nature, you're drunk.

Seeing in DC... I'm planning some museum adventures this weekend. Stay tuned! Also, my DC Bucket List should be posted soon!

Loving... that I'm cleared to run. Wednesday wasn't at all easy and those 22 minutes were really tough but I'm feeling ok and looking to get back out there this weekend. Baby steps.

Despite being a short week, this week has felt long!
Happy Thursday!


  1. YAY for almost wedding! I'm feeling the same way...and having minor panics about the things I hadn't thought of that are popping up haha

  2. Still waiting to see how you feel about Middlesex at the end. :) And if you ever need a Netflix series suggestion, please ask me!! I have so many. I love to binge-watch haha.


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