February 25, 2014

{On Running}

So, I'm running again.

It feels...different. It isn't painful, just kind of uncomfortable and not great...but it's getting a little bit easier.

Last week, I did 3 runs, totaling about an hour worth of running.

It's amazing how tough 20 minutes can feel when the injury that brought all of this on, was past the midpoint of an 18 mile run.

I have to keep reminding myself this: baby steps.

I was really worried about how running didn't feel great right off the bat. I honestly thought that I would go for my first run and feel on top of the world. I was worried that maybe I wasn't 'fixed' and that I shouldn't be running until Andrea and I had a long chat and she told me that this is probably normal.

I talked to my PT about it this afternoon and she confirmed Andrea's theory.

So, I'm going to keep running. My PT thinks I'll be just fine for Cherry Blossom and Nike Women's. Naturally, I have my doubts, but I'm planning to revisit the training plan I used for my very first half marathon and follow it as I move through the next 8 weeks to Nike.

Week 1 involves 4 runs of 2 miles each, with cross training in between. Being in PT still means that this will probably be my most successful bout of actual strength/cross/flexibility training yet, which is great. Next week, I'll up the mileage to 2 and very, very gradually keep upping it.

The training plan is very, very basic and I think perfect for a first-time half marathoner, or someone bouncing back from injury.

I'll schedule my PT on cross-training days so that I'm working on strength and flexibility and keeping a consistent routine. I'm hoping to start running in the mornings again, and tack some yoga on in the evenings sometimes too.

I'm hoping that once I comfortably get to 5 miles, I can start to pick up the pace a bit, but for now, I'm just going to take it slow and steady. Considering that 5-6 miles was my normal, daily run, I think that taking almost 4 weeks to build back up to that distance is a smart way to get myself to those two starting lines injury free. We'll see. 


  1. You're right, just keep telling yourself 'baby steps' :) I think you're doing great, and I love that training plan! You can get there, just focus on doing the best you can right now and working up to the rest of it when you are feeling better!!

  2. Good luck with your training! I look forward to keeping up with your successes and struggles over the next few weeks - let's hope for all success though! :) Sounds like you're going about this the right way and I've used that training plan before too, I like it!

  3. Baby steps are great! The training plan looks really doable and it's great that you will be able to do your PT on XT days. SOOO exciting that you're back to running. The easy/comfortable will get there, just keep putting the work in!


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