May 30, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I haven't run in over a week - I haven't run since Cleveland. I haven't laced up my sneakers and headed out for a run...nor have I wanted to. I was way more sore from CLE than I expected and was still struggling to walk down the stairs on Thursday. So when it came time to pack my bags for Texas, I did something I haven't done in 3 years...I didn't bring running clothes. I took the entire week after Cleveland off from running, did some yoga on Monday, biked home from work yesterday and am finally planning a run for tonight after work. It'll be fun, it'll be easy and it'll be with a friend that I'm long over due for a catch up with. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not training right now. I'll run when I want to and take advantage of the fact that I'm not training to just mentally reset before training for Marine Corps starts up.

2. Dieting - Starting Saturday, I'm going on a diet...a financial diet. For the most part, I'm really good about making lunch and snacks and bringing it to work, but the last two months, with all the traveling I've been doing, I've gotten lazy and my bank account is taking a hit from it. So, starting Saturday, June 1, I'm going on a financial diet. I won't not spend money, but I will spend Sunday doing some serious meal prep. If I'm going to spend money on food, it needs to be because I'm going out with The Pilot or friends, not because I was too lazy to make lunch or to buy groceries. I'm hoping to take start taking some more surprise vacations and I'd like to have a little extra in the bank to be able to do so.

3. June - I'm insanely excited for the month of June. Aside from my financial diet, I'm also planning to majorly tackle some of the things on my 2013 goals list, one of which I'm actually afraid to bring up here on PTRS because I'm afraid I'll jynx it! I'm excited for The Pilot to be on vacation, the Mets to be in town, Mom to come visit, lounging by the pool, riding bikes ALL over DC and avoiding the Metro as much as possible. Last summer sucked and I'm ready for this summer to be great!

Tell Me: 

  • Have you taken a self-imposed break from running/training? 
  • Have you ever gone on a financial diet? What do you use to track your finances? Mint? Excel? Paper and pen? 
  • What are your summer plans?


  1. I haven't run in a week. I have wanted to, however, I have had some terrible hip/lower back pain. I don't want to make it worse, so I'm not running right now. It's a little refreshing though. I also need to go on a financial diet, especially since we just booked one of the hotels for a friend's wedding and it was the most expensive hotel I've ever paid for...EVER. Anyways, no plans yet on if/when we'll head down your way, but I'm hoping before the end of the summer!

  2. I just think you should tell all the readers that when I threw offhand "she hasn't run in three weeks," you yelled "IT'S BEEN 10 DAYS" at me from across the table, so stop pretending like you're so chill about it :)

    But hooooorayyyyyy 30-day! You can totally do this.

  3. Before each marathon cycle I took 2 weeks off just to reset and enjoy things I can't do while training. It makes you crave running and that's exactly what you need for marathon training.Good luck!

  4. I'm on a bit of a training break right now. I ran a little over Memorial Day weekend with my cousin, a little less than 2 miles and it was a slow run with some walking because he's still trying to get back into running in general, but it was a great run nonetheless. I haven't done anything since then because work has been SOO crazy...but I miss it and hopefully will start it back again soon!

    And I suck at keeping a budget, but since I'm about to get a new car I need to make a better one. I've heard of Mint and I think that's how I'm going to start keeping better track of everything! I used to be great at packing lunch and snacks, but I've slipped through the cracks over the past few months because of my crazy work schedule and not having time for anything. Boo :(

    Hope you're doing well!!!


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