May 28, 2013

This Weekend... brother got married.

The wedding was beautiful but the weekend was epic.

Yes, in grand in scale or character; or adventures covering an extended period of time.

The Pilot and I flew into DFW on Thursday night. After insane flight delays, we landed in Texas and my little sister Sammi picked us up. We popped over to my dad's house to say hello and then headed over to my sister Nanette's to crash.

Friday morning, we got up and headed over to my dad's house where The Pilot got put to work with my two brothers-in-law to build the dance floor. The wedding was at my dad's so there was a lot of work to be done. I made myself look busy by eating crushing 185 oreos for the dessert I was making.

We all headed back to my sisters to get ready before the Rehearsal Dinner...which was finally the first time that the 7 of us all got together in 1 room for the first time in 13 years.

My brother hired his wedding photographer for the Rehearsal Dinner so that we could get pictures of all of us without taking time away from the wedding on Saturday, which was absolutely genius because we were taking pictures for close to an hour. Here are some of my favorites:

The 7 of us with our Dad
I LOVE this picture. The 6 of us girls holding the Groom!
Shortly after, we dropped him. 
After the Rehearsal, my sisters and I kidnapped the Bride-to-be and brought her back to my sister's house where we drank way too much wine and kept her up way too late. It meant the world to me that she cared to spend all of that time with us...despite the fact that she probably should have been getting her beauty rest. We told her all about the craziness she was marrying in to and she still walked down the aisle the next day!

After staying up until 5am, we all slept in the next morning, had breakfast brunch at 1 and started getting ready for the wedding.

The ceremony started at 5. We were all seated shortly before the ceremony started and my little brother walked out in his little tux and I started bawling! I NEVER cry at weddings but oh my gosh, seeing him standing there just made me lose it.

The ceremony was short, sweet and beautiful.

After the ceremony, it was time to party. Since the wedding was at my dad's house, there was no shutting down the party and we didn't stroll out of there until 3:30 in the morning.

Me, The Pilot and my sister Sammi
My little sister and I exchange cake at every family party. I'm not really sure why.
There was cake, salsa dancing, and jello shots. There were laugh-so-hard-you-start-crying-and-can't-breathe moments. There was an insane appreciation for all of us being together and we had so much fun. 

My handsome brother!
My dad and my big sister, Zuzy, salsa dancing 
Me, The Pilot, my brother and my new sister-in-law, Bri.C.
So that's that. My little brother...who's not so married. I had an amazing weekend and have so many blessings to count this week. It was absolutely wonderful to get the whole family together and I can't wait to do it again.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Congratulations to your brother! That is great that you were all able to get together, take pictures and have a wonderful time!! Great photos and precious memories!!

  2. How awesome!! I'm glad you had such a great weekend, Christy :) Congrats to your brother!!

  3. loving all these pictures! Your blue dress is to die for! MISS YOU SO MUCH

  4. Congrats of the new addition to the family! Glad to hear that your Memorial Day Weekend was great.

  5. Oh this looks like a blast! I love that y'all got to be together. The pic of you and your sisters holding your bro is my fave too :)

  6. You look beautiful and I'm so happy you got to see your family! Congrats to your brother!

  7. Awwww, this post gave me goose bumps!!! Sososos happy for you!!!


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