May 3, 2013

Things I Would Like to Do This Weekend

I'm exhausted. An 8 day business trip is entirely too long and it has completely kicked my butt. I tried to work from home on Tuesday but needed to be in the office and I've been fighting a weakened immune system with lots of water and couch time.

I haven't exactly had a healthy approach to this whole recovery thing though because I have no groceries in my house and haven't felt up to shopping. Normally, I have my groceries delivered, but honestly, I haven't even had the energy to sit down and shop for groceries.

And running? That sure as hell hasn't happened. I've taken Peyton on longer-than-normal walks just to get out in the sunshine, but I really just haven't had the energy.

I'm just drained.

But since it's finally Friday, I have a long, glorious list of things I really want to do this weekend. You can check back on Monday to see how I did.

1. Shop for groceries.
2. Make lots of smoothies - this probably won't happen since my blender exploded and almost caught on fire this morning.

3. See The Pilot. We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks. Well, we saw each other once...for about an hour before I fell asleep when I got back from DC...then he left before I woke up the next morning.

Awww that's what he looks like? I almost forgot!
4. Drink lots of wine with Jenna (because apparently she is giving up caffeine).
5. See the new JFK Exhibit at the Newseum.

6. Get fancy Kentucky Derby style with Jenna and Leanna...and friends.
7. Sit around a campfire and roast anything but marshmallows (I hate marshmallows) at one of The Pilot's fraternity brother's housewarming party.
9. Go to Mass on Sunday and follow it with brunch (or dinner if we go in the evening).
10. Shop at The Container Store.
11. Take a trip to World Market.

12. Buy that I can actually sleep in.
13. Watch Moulin Rouge in honor of my all time favorite director, Baz Luhrmann's release of The Great Gatsby next week.

14. Ride Bikeshare bikes.

I'm hoping that the weekend turns out to be more fun and relaxing. If I do absolutely nothing on this list, but I can wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed and like a human being, I'll call it a win.

Also, because it's Friday and because I finally found someone who hates Carrie Bradshaw as much as I do, go check this out: 27 Ways You are Not Carrie Bradshaw

Umm no. I never wanted to be Carrie.
Bitch was whiny and crazy. 
So, here's to a weekend of resting, recovering, maybe running (if I feel like it) and having fun. I hope your weekends are filled with sunshine, mint juleps and good times.

Until Monday,


  1. I hate (hate hate hate) SATC and Carrie Bradshaw. (Although I do love SJP!)

  2. I love that you know that less caffeine = more wine (my coworker was like 'oh yay more water!'). YES to Derby-ing. And marshmallows are an abomination and they freak me out. See? I knew we'd be besties.

  3. Hope you recover from your trip soon! Trip-lag is the worst.

    Also... how do you HATE marshmallows?! Om nom nom.

  4. No feelings at all about Carrie Bradshaw but I hate Downton Abbey.

  5. Oooh what I would do for a smoothie!


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