May 7, 2013

The Weekend Update

This weekend was awesome. I'm still just as exhausted as I was when I got back from Denver and my immune system hates me right now but at least I had fun, right?

Did I do everything on my list? Absolutely not, but that was never my intention and I still had a blast.

The weekend started on Friday with drinks after work at Cork with Jenna. We sampled several wines before I finally settled on one that I liked (I swear, I'm never picky when choosing wines but nothing on the menu really popped out to me) and then headed over to Busboys & Poets to see Eve Ensler do a talk and some readings from her newest book, In the Body of the World.

If you don't know her, Eve Ensler is the author of "The Vagina Monologues." She, and her play, are the reason I've gone into International Affairs, Peacebuilding, Women's Rights...all of it...she has played a tremendous role in my life and it was so wonderful to see her and talk to her after her signing.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in (yessss), I got up and went for a nice, easy run along the Mount Vernon Trail. When I got back to my apartment, The Pilot was awake and planning on heading out for his own run, so I joined him for another 3 miles before coming home and starting the day.

We went grocery shopping, rode bikes to Pentagon City, went to World Market, watched the Derby, barbecued...and I'm pleased to say that I successfully orchestrated a game of True American, as per Fox's "The New Girl."

It was a blast.

At Leanna and Jenna's Derby party Saturday afternoon
On Sunday, The Pilot and I took a trip to Eastern Market.

We walked around checking out all of the little shops and stores before popping into Ted's Bulletin for lunch.

I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup and he had the "sloppiest joe."

The food was amazing...and the dessert? Even better.

I hadn't been to Eastern Market yet as I was waiting for the perfect day and it was a blast! It was the absolute perfect Sunday afternoon activity. If you're ever in DC, I highly recommend taking a trip to Eastern Market and getting lunch somewhere in the vicinity - Ted's Bulletin is a great place.

All in all, the weekend was pretty perfect. I wish I didn't still feel so awful since I've been back from Denver for a week, but what can you do?

Here's to making this week, as fabulous as the weekend was!



  1. I lived there for five months and never went to Eastern Market! Hopefully we can get there when we come visit this summer. How the heck did you make your True American game?? From what I can tell, there are basically no rules. Lol

  2. Best weekend <3. And TED'S -- did you get a pop-tart?!

  3. Ah I can't believe you hadn't been to eastern market yet! I fricken love that place. Oh and world market, if you check online they also have free wine tastings on some weekends. Free wine tastings with in walking / biking distance from home is always a win in my book!

  4. Their homemade poptarts are my FAVORITE. So glad we got to see each other this weekend!

  5. How did you figure out True American??? I've ALWAYS wanted to play!

    And OMG, that homemade pop-tart looks amazing!


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