May 1, 2013

Ballpark #19: Coors Field

Let me start this by saying that I did not think I was going to make it to Coors Field while I was in Denver...which I was extremely irate about.

I landed in Denver on Sunday at about 10:45am and on Monday, the city got slammed with a snow storm.

SNOW. In APRIL. On APRIL 22! My feelings about Denver basically went down the drain when we saw this.

My company had planned to go to the baseball game with all of our Country Coordinators, many of whom, had never been to the US before because...hey, what's more American than baseball?

Well, the fact that our Country Coordinators were all from much warmer climates (Costa Rica, India, Tanzania, etc.), my Director wanted to axe the ball game and go...bowling.

Needless to say, I wasn't happy.

Then, Tuesday rolled around and it actually felt kind of (not really at all) nice. My Director came up to me and said, "You know, I'm really feeling this baseball game." Knowing that it was freezing outside and miserable weather for baseball, I said, "You know, SO AM I" to which one of the Costa Ricans replied, "I've never been to a baseball game but I can go bowling in Costa Rica anytime" to which Krishna, my new Indian friend, echoed the sentiment.

To the baseball game we go!

I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so freaking excited. More for the fact that I really didn't want to go back to Denver than anything else. No offense to you Denver peeps but your airport is in the middle of nowhere! 

My company got seats in the Rock Pile ($4 seats)...lame, but whatever. I headed over to the park and took a walk to see all that there was to see before taking my seats.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't impressed. There really isn't anything to see. The park is decent, but there wasn't anything special about it. It was a baseball stadium...that's it. Much like Yankee Stadium, there isn't really anything about this park to make it special. Although, Yankee Stadium has the marble entrance which is really nice...but Coors didn't have anything special about it. Except maybe this:

A little diorama out in Center Field that is supposed to represent Colorado...which was fittingly covered in snow. 

I stopped to get some hot chocolate because, well it was 18 degrees. It was the coldest game ever recorded at Coors Field. (All press says that game-time temperature hovered between 22 and 25 degrees, my phone said 18. Either way, it was cold as hell.)

The view from the Rock Pile. Not great, but not bad.
Since it had snowed the night before, there was still snow left in the bleachers. Ridiculous. Need I remind you all that I went to this game on APRIL 23?!

Around the 6th inning,  the Braves were absolutely destroying the Rockies...which is terrible because I hate the Braves, and also, the entire stadium was filled with Braves fans. I have absolutely no understanding of why or how this happened, but good heavens, I hate that stupid Tomahawk Chop and thought I would never have to hear it again after visiting Turner Field...and it seemed to be the resounding hymn at Coors Field last Tuesday night since the Rockies apparently don't play music during their games.

Since the game was so the 6th inning, it turned from a ball game to batting practice, we decided to take one more walk with the group and head back to our hotels so that we could warm up.

All bundled up.
L-R: Francoize (Rwanda), Elif (Turkey), Adela (Peru), Me, Tim (Tanzania), Krishna (India)

I do have to say, as cold as it was and as underwhelming as the stadium was, I had a blast. One of my absolute favorite things to do with friends from other countries is to take them to baseball games. None of the members of our group had ever been to a baseball game before. Francoise had never left Africa before, and Krishna had never left India. It was so much fun explaining the game to them and cheering along with them.

So, there you have it. Ballpark #19. 

19 down, 11 to go! Next Up: Cleveland!

This morning, I'm taking Francoise (who came back to DC with us) to the Mall to go see some of the museums and monuments. It'll be an easy morning off, since I'm struggling like crazy to get through this week. So, I'm off!


  1. Colorado is having a really, really, really weird spring, just like we are in MI. They are actually having it worse but then sending it our way. Ugh. I'm headed to Coors Field in two weeks and I can't wait, going to surprise my Dad for his 50th! Any word on your Detroit trip? We definitely have a lot more to look forward too. :)

  2. I am hoping that Coors is in the cards for us this year since we have family that lives in Denver.

  3. The hubbs and I keep saying we want to start this little quest you have going by seeing all the ball parks! I love reading your re-caps :)
    And, that pic of you at the field is soooo cute! Love it! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Snow on the 22nd! Crazy!! I thought Maine was bad. LoL. That's good that you still had a blast even though the game was not exciting as it could have been :) Just found your blog and love it :) Awesome title!

  5. Wow that's cold... You did pretty good to make it six innings in that weather.

  6. HAHA YES- I hate that Tomahawk Chop so much as well. I would have died/punched everyone. But still, I'm glad you got to cross number nineteen off your list!!

  7. LOVE the group of people you went to the game with! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. Blech, we got snow here in Alberta two days ago, and it's been SUPER COLD outside for the past few days. Where is spring?? Glad you got to go to the ballpark!

  9. I am SO behind on blogging, I didn't even realize you went to another stadium!! I'm glad you finally got to go, even if it was cold :( That's like football weather in Cleveland, ugh!! I haven't heard many good things about that stadium, but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself anyway!


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