May 8, 2013

A Wish List for Spring and Summer

I was born in February.

Every year, for my birthday, I basically get whatever I didn't get for Christmas. It usually works out in my favor until summer rolls around and I start spotting things that I would very much like to have but have no gift giving occasions by which to receive them.

I should probably make a mental note to get married in the summer and to have about 8 kids so that I fill that gap between my birthday and Christmas.

Side note: I am not a crazy selfish person. I absolutely adore giving gifts and I absolutely abhor buying myself things that I need.

So, here's are a few things that I've been eyeing this spring that I would love to have as we continue on in the warmer months:

A Salad Spinner: I used to think salad spinners were utterly pointless until I realized how many paper towels I go through trying to dry salad that is still soaking wet and doesn't absorb dressing as a result.

A KitchenAid salad spinner, to be precise. A TEAL KitchenAid salad mixer.
A Juicer: I LOVE making juice. I've been making juice since long before "juicing" became a thing. If I obtain said juicer, I will not refer to what I'm doing as "juicing" because I'm pretty sure that "juicing" means getting on 'roids and I'm not into that. Also, when I looked into buying fresh juice recently and realized that Puree charges $9 for cucumber juice, I almost fell over.. $9? For a cucumber that you put through a machine for 2 seconds? No thanks, I'll make it myself.

This Gatsby-Inspired Headband: It's only $200,000 from Tiffany's. I mean, come on.

Can we talk about how much I'm praying that this movie release will bring back the fashion of the 1920s? I really don't understand why flapper dresses have not come back full circle. I mean, if bell bottoms could come back, why can't flapper dresses? They were way better than bell bottoms every were.

A Chevron Maxi Skirt: I love the idea of a long, comfy maxi skirt paired with a white tank and flip flops for exploring DC in the summer time...or for air travel!

This Dress from Antrho: What Spring/Summer Wish List would be complete without summer dresses? You know I have spent too much time with Ally when I put an Anthropologie dress on my blog. *Sigh*

That's what I have my eye on this spring! What about you? I still need to find a dress for my brother's wedding and rehearsal dinner - either by shopping, or shuffling through my closet!


  1. Why hello neighbor... guess who is the proud new owner of a juicer... THIS GUY. Feel free to come buy anytime to use it! I would prefer you used your own fruits and veggies though because that sh** can get pricy : )

  2. I am lucky, my birthday is in July and it was perfect to cover my wish list for summer and winter stuff (mostly clothes when I was a teenager). I bought my salad spin for $5 at IKEA, wonderful! We got a fruit juicer, but it takes FOREVER to clean it, so oftentimes I don't make juice, because the cleaning is a nightmare. When you get one, make sure it is easy to clean.

  3. Oooh, I love that skirt! And headband! I am with you on 20's fashion - it's gorgeous!


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