March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. March Madness - Basketball is the one and only sport that I pretty much hate. I just can't seem to get into it but my boss is a HUGE basketball fan and lives and breathes March Madness, so when I came to work this morning and she told me I had to join her brother's pool and make a bracket, I spent the better part of my morning finalizing said bracket and stressing out over it. So, now I guess I have to be all into college basketball this year and pay attention to the 'Big Dance.' I feel like my mom's boyfriend will thoroughly approve (Hi Rich).
2. Two-a-days - Yesterday, after my morning 5 mile run I was planning on going to yoga after work. After contemplating whether I wanted to sit in a hot, crowded room for 90 minutes and risk being pummeled mid-pose, I decided against it and planned to do yoga at home. Instead, I did Mile Repeats on the treadmill. Oops. 11 miles total for the day, no foot pain. My legs are absolutely shot in a way they haven't been in weeks and I love it. I'll take today off and do yoga when I get home. No running today. Promise.

3. "Trendy Races" - First, it was the color run. Then, something about foam. Today, this popped into my Inbox:

I'm sorry but this is quite possibly the most ridiculous addition to the running scene and I mean that in the worst way possible. While I have never done a color run or a foam run, and really don't have much intention to, this is just ridiculous and I'm slightly insulted that such a thing exists. The Color Run...I guess I can understand...but not really. This just seems ridiculous. If I want to physically exert myself while wearing glow sticks, I will go to a rave. Also, it's Glow. Not Glo.

So, there you have it.

Now tell me: Do you get into March Madness? Have you made a bracket? What are your thoughts on two-a-days? Do you run "trendy" races? Would you run the 'Glo Run'?

PS: Check out my feature on Kisha's blog today!


  1. I have never watched college basketball. Oops. But I feel like if I was in your position, I would totally stress over my bracket, too.

    I enjoy two-a-days. I normally do some on Thursdays where I will run before 5 or so miles before work and then after work I have a running club that usually does anywhere between 2-6 miles. We did 2 (and sometimes 3) -a-days in college for soccer and I loved the exhausting feeling at the end of the day.

    I don't really have any intentions of doing a color run/foam run/other that sort of themed run. I guess they would be fun, but I run to those races are usually way over priced and I'd rather save my money for something else. I have done two mud runs, so I guess I jumped on the bandwagon for that..but I think the whole idea of obstacle courses really drew me in! I probably won't do another one..or if I do I'll do like the Tough Mudder or something longer than just a 5k.

  2. Haha, I don't really get the color run trend either. I briefly contemplated doing the Houston one but then saw it was $50. Seriously? For a 5K that isn't even timed? I'll pass.

  3. I'm not into color or warrior races either, running is already enough for me :)

  4. I don't know about the Glow Run...I have a hard time seeing at night so I feel like I would fall flat on my face, lol. But I did buy a Groupon for a copy-cat Color Run in Cleveland in August because my friend wanted to, and it was only $20 so that's better than the original $40. I've never run in it before but it looks like a fun run, and it's only a 5K so we'll see how it goes!

    And yes, I made a bracket and it's busted because I had Butler winning. I went in kinda blind with it, but I love Butler so whatever lol.


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