March 20, 2013

Baby Steps

Guess what? This morning, I ran 5 miles.

I woke my butt up at 5:30 this morning and managed to run 5 miles before work. I'm starting to realize two things:

1. I am not a morning person.
2. I would really like to be a morning person.

No pain. I had a weird niggle in my left ankle that wasn't there before, but I think it's because my shoes are super run down...which may be what was causing all of my foot pain.

Good thing for VIP Zappos because these babies are coming in the mail today:

I'm not crazy about the color, but they're the same shoes I've been running in and I don't want to try anything new until after this training cycle is over...which, pending this week goes as planned - or unplanned since I'm on the 'no plan training plan' - I'll go ahead and finally register for the marathon and resume training with 6 weeks to go.
These are my last 5 weeks of training.
It's actually not horrible. Especially if I can keep running this week. 
But first I need to get through this week. Baby steps.

You know what, today is Wednesday. I didn't understand why people called Wednesday "Hump Day" until about my Senior year of college. Say what you will, but when I thought of hump, I thought of the other hump...the less PG version. Oops.

In honor of spring, DC (or the powers that be) have turned on the water of the C&O Canal. My office is right on the canal and this makes for a very pretty walk to work...especially since I thought that the canal had probably been dried up since about 1902.

Too bad it's 42 degrees outside and doesn't look to get any warmer in the next 10 days. Gross. So that's that, I'm gearing up to run the most random distance race ever this weekend: 17.75k in order to secure entry into the Marine Corps Marathon and avoid fighting the masses on the internets next week.

I can safely say that even though I may do MCM again and again because I love that race, I probably won't go with this guaranteed entry option again. There is no Race Day packet pick up and packet pick up is on Thursday and Friday in Quantico, which is 45 minutes away without DC traffic. If The Pilot didn't have a car, I really don't know how I would get out there twice.

So that's that. It's been a pretty slow week at work, which I won't complain about!

Tell me: Have you ever dealt with a minor injury during training? How did you bounce back? Did you actually know what Hump Day meant or am I just crazy?

Happy 'Hump' Day!
PS: On doing a Google Image search of "Hump Day" I have found that no, I am not the only one. 


  1. About a month ago I had a week where I only managed two runs for a total of 6 whole miles because I had this crippling piriformis pain, thankfully it was during a step-back week anyway, but I certainly never meant to step-back quite that much! But to date I've never made it through an entire training cyle for anything over a 5k without at least one or two weeks that went totally to shit. Don't sweat it girl, you still have a great base and can rebound.

  2. I'm doing the MC 17.75k, too!! It is a REALLY inconvenient packet pick up. I'm lucky because I have Friday off this week, but the thought of driving 30-45 minutes (each way..and likely in traffic), just sounds horrible. I don't know why they don't have race day pick-up? I'm also running it for the MCM registration...which I'm sure is why everyone else is running it too, ha.

    I run along the Canal sometimes. My dog will be thrilled - he love to swim and cool off in it when it's warmer out.

  3. I had some serious foot pain. I went to see a pedorthist, and she said that freak feet. Apparently my feet are uber-flexible, to the point that they kind of move in ways they shouldn't. So when I run, instead of the typical little it of "splay", my foot basically flattens, which was putting pressure on the wrong bones/joints. Got new hold-my-bones-together sneaks, and I haven't had an trouble since. Guess I'll never be a bare-foot runner. Strange that I never had pain when I was a gymnast...

    I find race kit pick ups inconvenient. There are rarely races in my town, so it's always about an hours drive to pick up the kit, then back home, then back again for the race.

  4. I'm so glad you are running pain-free again! I never had issues during marathon but after. After the 1st marathon I ended up with hip bursitis and after marathon #3 I had achilles tendonitis. It wasn't too bad, just an excuse to rest even more after the race :)

  5. Sending good vibes for you to get back out there - the shoes are pretty! I'm not a green person myself, but I like 'em.

    And I knew what Hump Day was... after yes, some thinking of it in the less-than-PG sense too! Happy (belated) Hump Day! ;)


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