March 25, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. This morning's commute was absolutely horrific. Walking a mile in the snow was really not what I had in mind for the day. Don't love.
2. Explain to me how a little bit of rain merits a Snow Day for the Govt but actual snow does not. Don't love.

Ok I'm done ranting.

Hello folks, it's Monday. It's still winter in DC and no one is happy about it but today I'm going to try and shed light on some positives.

via DCist
1. Opening Day of baseball season, aka my favorite day of the year, is 7 days away. Love.
2. I had a great time on the course of the Marine Corps 17.75k this weekend. It was an extremely challenging course that I felt very strong on leaving me with every ounce of confidence to tackle the marathon in 6 weeks. Love.

Access Granted into this year's Marine Corps Marathon!
3. The Cherry Blossom 10 miler is next weekend! I've had plans to run this the last two years and both times, something has happened within 36 hours that has kept me from toeing that line. Here's to the third time being a charm and hoping to toe the line this year. Love.

4. Earlier this year I submitted my thesis to a conference at NYU on International Education in Emergencies and it was accepted! I'll be presenting part of my thesis, along with my research on Rwanda, at NYU next month and I'm pretty pumped about it! Love.
5. This weekend, I got into a scuffle with a kitchen knife while chopping some scallions and lost half of my finger nail in the process. It was awful. Im pretty sure that if my finger nail hadn't been there I would've cut off the tip of my finger. Don't love.
6. After a few months of church "shopping," The Pilot and I found a church that we really like and joined it this weekend. Love.
7. Excuse my language, but my bracket has gone to total shit. I shouldn't have listened to my colleagues when they said I was crazy for putting Oregon in my Final 4 because my bracket has gone to shit. So much for getting into March Madness this year. Don't Love.
8. I'm officially registered for the Marine Corps Marathon. This was my first attempt at sub-4, and I'm praying to God, that when I toe the line at this year's race, it's with the sub-4 beast already off my back. Love.

I'm not registered for the marathon I'm supposed to run in May, but I am registered for one in October.
Totally normal.
So there you have it, that's my Monday for you!
Hope your weeks are off to a great start! 


  1. I ran the MC 17.75k on Saturday, too!! I thought it was a great race! The MCM will be my first marathon attempt and I am really hoping for a sub-4.

    1. It was a tough course, but a great race! MCM is a great marathon! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to run it again!

  2. How awesome about your NYU presentation! Way to go! And I know how frustrating it is to look for a church, so glad you guys found a place you like!

  3. Ahh! Congrats on your thesis presentation! :)

    I'm so over this winter, too. I am ready to run in shorts and a tank!

  4. UGH snow is the worst. Especially when you have to commute in it and it's all slushy and wet and gross and blech. Congrats on your great run! See you at trivia!

  5. People here are a little crazy when it comes to rain, and even worse when it snows. They literally freak out and have accidents because they are so scared! You will get used to it :) Congrats on MCM!!!

  6. Snow is gross. The end.

    YES to baseball...SO EXCITED!!!

    Yay for a new church! But boo to a cut finger :( And I hope you get to run the Cherry Blossom!! CONGRATS on the thesis presentation!!!


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