February 4, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. I worked out this morning! I got in 4 miles before 7am ON A MONDAY. Y'all, this is huge. Maybe I can be a morning runner after all! Love.
2.I lost my camera somewhere between October and November and it has made blogging so much more difficult. I hate taking pictures on my phone so if I don't have my camera, more often than not, I won't take a picture. Don't Love.
3. My hair has gotten soooo long since the summer and it's finally at a point where I can where it naturally because it's a the "right" length for my curls. Love.

4. That being said, I'm getting my hair cut tonight. Not too much though! Love. 
5. I desperately need more yoga in my life. Don't Love.
6. This whole "no training plan" plan is going swimmingly runningly...I'm allowed to say that right? I've never felt so relaxed during a training cycle. Love. 
7. I had more on my mind than I knew what to do with last night and barely slept a wink but working out this morning totally cleared that out of the way so that I could start my work week with happy thoughts. Don't Love/Love.

My weekend was pretty low key... 3 hour champagne brunch with the girls, cuddling under blankets watching episodes of Downton, meeting Christine for the first time and running long together, having a Super Bowl party for 2 with The Pilot and going to bed during the black out...all the makings of a nice, easy, low key weekend.

That's that! Hope your Mondays are off to a great start!


  1. Happy Monday twiny, your hair is beautiful!

  2. YOu were able to run today? Awesome! My hamstrings are bothering me. I felt a little better after an epson salt bath, but gave it rest today. Love the curls!!

  3. You look gorgeous, girl! Hope you have a great week!

  4. 1. Back in the good ol days I was a morning runner, I still am--when I do have the gd time! Arg.
    2. I demand, yes, demand that you let me give you a yoga class sometime
    4. Ummm, if I can find the software for it, my old camera is yours! It's a legit nice one, but, the software needs loaded on your computer.



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