January 30, 2013

January: Plan Your Race Year

On January 1, I got an email from Runners' World with the subject line: Guide to a Fitter, Faster You. I read through it and found some great resources and decided to commit to the month-by-month plan in order to make myself a better, faster runner.

I've been documenting my progress in my Believe I Am Journal and really like the plan. I think it's a great resource and I'm looking forward to seeing how my running progresses over the course of the year not only with the plan, but also by journaling about it in much more detail than I would give on DailyMile or here on Planes, Trains and Running Shoes.

The task for January was to plan my race year.

If you read my 2013 Goals post, you know that I have 3 big running goals this year:
  1. Run a sub-4 marathon.
  2. PR the half.
  3. Run a sub-24 minute 5k.
On Tuesday, I talked about my grand plan of attack to run a sub-4 marathon. I'll be trying my luck with that at the Potomac River Run Marathon, right here in the DC Metro area on May 5. (Anyone who wants to join me in celebrating with Coronas and margaritas post-race is more than welcome!)

In October, I'll be seeking redemption on the 14th Street Bridge and running the Marine Corps Marathon. (Because I signed up for the Marine Corps 17.75k, I'll have guaranteed entry into the race). My goal for MCM is not only to seek redemption on the 14th Street Bridge and run a course-PR. 

So what's in between?

Well, remember when Ally and I went to Madrid last year? We decided that we had so much fun running in another country that we're going to do it again and again and again. In June, we'll be boarding a flight to Norway to run the Rock 'n' Roll Oslo Half-Marathon. I don't know much about the course yet and whether I'll make it a PR attempt but there are a few great races going on in the DC area the first weekend in June so either way, I'll be making my Half PR attempt in June.


And for that 5k? Well, I'm even closer to 25 minutes in the 5k than I am to 4 hours in the marathon. My current PR is 25:09. In April, I'll be tackling the Crystal Run 5k Fridays series. There's a 5k every Friday night in April. Unfortunately, I can't make the last one but I think that racing weekly 5ks the month before the marathon will be a great way to get in some speed work on some shorter distance runs and to shoot for that 10 second PR. 

I have a few other races that I'll be doing for fun and to get some training runs in. They include: 
  • DC Rock 'n' Roll Marathon (pacing Miss Ally)
  • Marine Corps 17.75k
  • Cherry Blossom 10-Mile
  • Cleveland Half-Marathon
  • Diva's Half-Marathon in DC's Wine Country
  • Secret Surprise Race in August that I'm not telling anybody about until like June
I'm sure some other races will pop up along the way, but that's the plan! I think that making an effort to plan out my race year well in advance will help me really tailor my training to the specific goals I have in mind. 

I'm excited for a big year of running and racing! The Runners' World plan for February is to Commit to Cooking, so expect a ton of recipes on the blog over the course of the next month!

Do you plan out your race year in advance? What's on your schedule this year? Are we running any of the same races?


  1. I don't always plan the full year -- but at least a few months ahead. I think you have to try to plan further ahead for marathons though. Your trip to Oslo sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear about that one.

  2. I'm running the 17.75K and Cle marathon! But you knew that already :) Can't wait to meet you!

  3. I don't know if my comment posted :( but I'm running the 17.75K and Cle half marathon too! Woohoo! I can't wait to meet you!

  4. I'm running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, too! Meet-up perhaps? :)

  5. great goals for 2013!

    Thanks for the FT Worth tips! :)


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