February 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The Run Commute - Yesterday, I got up a little bit earlier than normal for work and had some time to kill around the apartment. It wasn't enough time to work out but I was looking at the weather and decided that I would try to run home so I packed a bag, brought my stuff to work and headed out at 5:15 to run home. I had forgotten my Garmin and purposely didn't bring head phones and it was great! It was such a great way to get my workout in. It saved me the $3 ride home and I got home at the same time I would have if I had taken the Metro! My commute is a little bit over 5 miles and I got to watch the sun setting over DC on my way home. I'll definitely be running home from work again!

The sun setting over DC on my commute home
2. Girl Chasers - I don't know if any of you have ever encountered the types of runners I like to call 'girl chasers' but I've noticed a few of them here in DC and decided it was time to bring it up. Picture this: You're out running, there are a fair amount of other runners around but you're on your, you're into a groove, you're feeling good. All of a sudden, you hear foot steps behind you, you don't think anything of it, it's just another runner. They're getting closer and closer and you look over your shoulder to see them right at your tail. They sprint ahead, pass you, get right back in front of you and SLOW DOWN. I like to call them girl chasers. It's always guys. They see a girl in front of them and think "I have to pass her" and then slow wayyyy down in front of you to the point where you have to go out of your way to go around them. Last week, when I was running long, I came up on 2 guys who were walking. Every time I ran up ahead of them, they would sprint ahead and start walking again once they passed me. It drives me crazy!

3. February - February is always one of those months that just flies by. Between The Pilot's birthday (tomorrow!), Valentine's Day, my birthday (next week!) and the fact that it's the shortest month of the year, it always just flies by...and then March comes in and drags on forever and a day. I was hoping to Oops my way to Toronto this weekend with The Pilot on one of his trips but this snow storm that we're expecting might seriously derail that! I hope it doesn't ruin my plans of getting on a plane at least once a month! We'll see!

That's all I've got for today! Have you ever commuted via running? 
What's your stance on girl chasers? Ever come across them?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great commute and perfect distance. I have commuted mostly by bike, rarely by running. I would have to do it both ways as no public transportation here!

  2. I love the run commute. Mine is almost too short (duh, of course I could go a more roundabout way, but rarely do) ... yours looks perfect. Scenic and 5 miles on the nose.

    Girl Chasers must be a problem for the younger set ... :)

  3. OMG, soo jealous of your run commute. Not only is it the perfect distance, but it is also safe and on one of the most beautiful trails! You are a lucky girl! Same time + less commuting money = no excuse for not running after work EVER! ;)

  4. Ugh. There are "girl chasers" on the lakefront path here in Chicago. Seriously, gentlemen, get over yourselves!

  5. I *heart* run-commuting. :-)

    As for "girl chasers" -- I've heard guy friends complain about getting "chicked." I say run your own run and forget about what everyone else is doing.


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