January 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Snow - Holy snowfall Batman! I walked out my apartment this morning and yelled, "Oh sh*t! It's snowing!" I was not expecting that. I blame my boyfriend who likes to sleep with all the curtains closed so that I can't see out my window in the morning.

2. Wake Up Early, Work Out Early - Remember when I said that my goal for this week was to work out early? Hahahahahaha. That hasn't happened. This morning, I actually woke up really early but stayed in bed because I had the sniffles. I will wake up early and run tomorrow. One does not simply become an early morning runner...I think that my new goal should be to wake up early one day every week and get in my work out. Then, one day can turn into 2 days, 2 into 3, and so and and so forth. Wish me luck tomorrow guys. I'm determined!

3. Living in DC - I think that I've made this a category on every bulleted, numbered list I've posted on my blog since I moved here. I still love it. I'm really loving our apartment and we had friends over for the first time this week. We still need some things (nightstands, a side table, a kitchen table...) but we're getting there and every day, I love it a little bit more.

It has been absolutely frigid just about everywhere in the country this week! What are you doing to stay warm? Are you running outside or staying in doors? Are you an early bird or a night owl when it comes to working out?

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm so happy you're happy in DC :) I need to visit!!! I love that city!!

    I planned to go workout early yesterday morning but it didn't happen so I went after work instead. I don't always have time after work so I want to get a routine of going in the mornings, but that means going to the gym at 5:45 on most days. And let's be honest, that never happens lol.

  2. I find that I work best at setting a routine when I start small and realistic, one day this week, two days next week... You can do it!

    To funny that I just messaged you about how cute you are with how happy you are in DC and then I see this post. :)

  3. The snow is gorgeous!

    I have a hard time waking up to work out. I always want to get it out of the way in the morning, but the bed sounds so much better!

  4. I liked to see how the snow sparkled this morning when I was walking the dog. Traffic was a whole different story though! Let's hope we won't get too much more tomorrow! Friday rush hour will be a nightmare.

  5. Early bird on the weekends. After work during the week. I get up to swim before work but that seems to be it.

  6. I worked from home/hid in my apartment today. I'm getting over a cold and the thought of braving the elements (even though it was just a teeny tiny bit of snow) was not appealing.

    I usually do my workouts in the morning. It can be hard the first few times but I got into a routine, I started to love getting them out of the way in the am.


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