January 21, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. It's Inauguration Day in DC! I am participating by watching on TV in sweat pants while working from home. This weekend, The Pilot and I went out and about exploring all of the Inauguration set up without actually dealing with the crowds. It was fantastic. Love.

Holy sun in my face Batman!
2. I had a pretty awesome week of running last week. The Mount Vernon Trail is probably my new favorite place on Earth.  Welcome back to my life Marathon Training. Love.

3. I finally busted out my KitchenAid mixer this weekend and made homemade cupcakes. Vanilla with a Chocolate Ganache frosting. Yum. Love.

4. This weekend, I saw a commercial for a lawnmower racing competition. I am officially living in the south again and it is fantastic. Love.

5. The apartment is finally starting to come along really nicely! Love.

Don't mind the sleeping puppy on my couch.
6. There is nothing about today that I don't love. Love.

Happy Inauguration Day!


  1. Awwww! Puppies should always be sleeping on the couch. Adorable! It sounds like things are going so well for you, and I'm jealous that you are living in DC (I maintain that it's the best city EVER!) I might need to come visit you- we can run, drink, have fun :-)

  2. I totally love that this post is full of love :) And uhhh send some of those cupcakes my way, lady!!

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious! Yumm! I wish I had a Kitchen Aid, but that would probably be dangerous...

  4. Jealous of all your running on the Mt. Vernon trail. I need to find some new routes around my town. But they all involve hills.

  5. Glad to see there is nothing to hate right now! I find it hilarious that you consider yourself living in the South now, I'm from Mississippi, so that's just funny :) And omg, love your Stand Mixer, it's a dream of mine to have one, one day... one day. Looks like a great start to your week!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Love the lawnmower competition!! Hahahaha too funny!!!

  7. Yay! Happy they are all loves!!

  8. My Kitchenaid arrives tomorrow (it's been at my parents' since Christmas) and I'm SO EXCITED! Also, love your KC&CO poster!


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