March 28, 2012

Welcome to Planes, Trains and Running Shoes!

For the past few months, I've been thinking about what to do with my blog once I turned 25. I obviously couldn't be '25 Before 25' forever. When I started blogging, I had no intention of keeping my blog beyond my 25 Before 25 project but that quickly changed as I came to love my blog and the blogging community as a whole.

I knew that whatever I did with my blog, I wanted to keep the same elements of it that keep you all reading so I'll still be talking about running, marathon training, my love for all things pumpkin and nutella, baseball, my spontaneous "Oops" trips all over the country (and world), and of course, I'll still be working to cross off some of those lingering things on The List that I never got around to.

So, Welcome to Planes, Trains and Running Shoes!

As I mentioned before, I attempted to make the switch to a self-hosted Wordpress site and after learning that I wouldn't be able to redirect my old blog to my new Wordpress blog and wouldn't be able to bring my followers with me, I nixed the idea and decided to stay on Blogger and just give 25 Before 25 a major redesign. If Wordpress does enable these options again in the future, I may re-consider making the switch but for now, I'm sticking with Blogger.

Feel free to check out what's new on the site and let me know what you think! I'm still in the process of changing some things around including design aspects and having my new domain name switched over to this site, so bear with me as things continue to change a bit over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for bearing with me while I make these changes and, as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Love the new title! It fits you well :)

  2. Love the new look! :) And the new name!

  3. Love the new look! :) Also, sorry I missed your call last night. I was in the shower and didn't check my phone until after 10 pm when Spike called. I didn't want to call you that late. Can we reschedule?!?!?!

  4. Love the new name.

  5. Love the new look!! The new name totally fits you.

  6. This is perfection. Seriously, Christy. It's YOU! Nice work! And as my husband tries everything out with my blog, I will definitely keep you posted with the Wordpress drama!

  7. Love the new look! :) Sorry that the transferring wasn't as simple as it should be!!

  8. Happy belated birthday :) You really did accomplish so much before turning 25! And I know there will be so much more for you! Love the new look!


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