March 26, 2012

Love/Don't Love

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Yes it's Monday, which is unfortunate since this weekend was pretty perfect and I didn't want it to end.

1. My big sister (well, one of them) was in town from San Francisco and we spent the majority of Saturday having sister-bonding time and it was awesome. We caught up, had brunch, walked around, shopped a bit, and had a great day. Love.

2. This weekend called for 15 miles. I decided to do them on Friday and get them out of the week. I barely made it through 4 miles when I realized that I needed to call it quits and take some time off. I guess you can't run a marathon and jump right back into training without missing a beat. So I took the weekend off from running. Don't Love.

3. I took the weekend off from running. It was glorious. I still got 20 miles in for the week which is totally ok on a step back week. Love.

4. This weekend was The Pilot's first weekend off in 6 months! We saw The Hunger Games on Saturday (which I really liked), took a trip to the Shake Shack (omg amazing) on Sunday and then followed our dinner plans with a trip to see Rock of Ages on Broadway. It was awesome. It was also his first Broadway show. Love.

5. Since seeing Rock of Ages, I have had 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' stuck in my head...which makes no sense since the song wasn't in the musical (apparently they couldn't get the rights to any Def Leppard song...lame). Don't Love.

6. Seeing the show made me super excited for the movie to come out...even though Tom Cruise is in it because let's face it: Tom Cruise is a weird, weird guy.

7. Speaking of Tom Cruise, I saw Top Gun this weekend for the first time...which should make my Reach the Beach teammates like me a little bit better since our team name is Need for Speed...and apparently, my call sign is Lt. Redeye. Love.

8. The Shake Shack is amazing. I finally get the hype. The Shroom Burger is the best damn "veggie burger" I've ever had in my life. I want another one. Now. Oh and until yesterday, I thought the idea of eating a burger and fries with a milk shake was disgusting. Not anymore my friends, not anymore. 

That's all for today!After having a lovely weekend of working really hard on my thesis spending lots of time playing, I'm back to thesis hibernation mode (after work today that is). I'll try to keep posting regularly and I'll try to get my new blog up and running...since I've been talking about it for a month now. We'll see what happens. Thesis comes first. Then marathon training. Then play time keeping my apartment cleaning. Then play time. 

So tell me: Are you a fan of taking time off from working out? While I love running and can't wait to hit the pavement tonight, I definitely needed to take the weekend off! Have you ever seen a Broadway show? What are some of your favorites? If you saw The Hunger Games this weekend, what did you think? What is your favorite 80s song? Have you ever been to the Shake Shack? Did you feel like you gained 7 pounds in one sitting after but were totally ok with it?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. The right burger and fries are perfectly complimented by the perfect milkshake. This scenario can't happen at any old McDonalds though. Shake Shack is a good place to get your fix.

    I tried to run on Friday, and I only got about 2 miles. Makes sense since I ran 1/2 the amount you did last weekend :) But I got a much better run in yesterday. Bodies need time to recover.

  2. If it makes you feel any better I only just saw Top Gun about two years ago. My friends forever get mad at my lack of pop-culture movie knowledge.

    After everything I endured with my injury, I have to say that going forward I think I'll look at both training and rest different. I see the importance of both in a way I never did before and plan to take full advantage of both.

    Heading to see Hunger Games tonight, have you seen it yet? If you have let's discuss tomorrow, will be interested in seeing what you think since you're the only other person I know who thought the book was pretty predictable.

  3. step back week after accidentially running a marathon = totally ok. :)

  4. loveeeeee this :) i actually just saw top gun a few weeks ago as well ha.

  5. It's ok to take a little break. I ran a 1/2 9 days ago and went out for a run and had to call it quits after 5. It was not a pretty sight. How did you make it this far and not see Top Gun? It's wonderful! Glad you had time with your sis. I can't wait to catch up with my 2 sisters in 7 weeks.

  6. YES you finally saw TOP GUN! We can continue our friendship now.

  7. Were they playing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" before the show started? They were when I saw it...and I think it might be featured in the movie? I loved that show! :)

  8. I'd love to see Rock of Ages on broadway. But wait, what-- Tom Cruise?? That seems like truly bizarre casting...


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