September 26, 2011

Oops I went to Texas...again

Dating a pilot really has its benefits. A hassle free weekend getaway? Yes please!

This weekend, The Pilot and I jetted off to Texas to see one of my oldest and closest friends get married. 

We. Had. A. Blast!

After an insanely easy flight, we got in on Friday afternoon, grabbed lunch and tossed around a few ideas of what to do for the night before deciding to go to the local high school football game. The Pilot was the captain of our high school football team and well, when I transferred to that school from Texas I was hugely disappointed in what football in New Jersey was...or, rather, wasn't. No Homecoming? No sold out Friday night games? No tailgating? WHAT?! So it was only fitting that I brought him to see what a taste of real Texas high school football looked like. 

Unfortunately, they recently built a new high school in town and this was the first year this particular school had a Varsity football program, so it wasn't exactly the Texas high school football experience I know and love but we still had a great time and that's what's important. 

The Half-Time show
Saturday was a low key day spend sleeping in, shopping and cooking dinner with my sisters. That night, my brother and sisters and I decided to head to the Stockyards since we had never really taken my boyfriend there to walk around. We donned our best cowboy and cowgirl attire and headed downtown. 

First up: The Rodeo!

The Pilot heavily resisted going to a rodeo the first few times I've brought him back to Texas but come on now, you can't say you've really been to Texas unless you've been to the rodeo and seen some good ol' fashion bull ridin'!

Sunday morning it was time to don our Sunday best and get ready for the wedding! My family was going to a fancy party too, so we all got dressed up, took lots of pictures and then they headed off to their party and The Pilot and I headed off to ours.

Me with my beautiful sisters!
And my handsome brother!
The wedding was between my friend Devon and his now wife, Whitney. I met Devon at the Homecoming dance our Sophomore year of high school when I went with his best friend (and Best Man), Garrett. We've known each other forever and Devon has been there for me in ways that no one ever has before and I love him to pieces. Whitney, is absolutely wonderful and was hands down, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and I was so unbelievably happy to be there for their special day. 

The bride and groom entering the reception
Me with the new Mr. and Mrs!
The ceremony was a short, sweet ceremony at a chapel in Fort Worth and the reception was in the garden of a quaint bed and breakfast nearby. It was a beautiful day and The Pilot and I had an amazing time.

I'm kind of in love with this guy
The ceremony ended early and being all dressed up and not wanting the night to end, we headed downtown to continue the festivities and had a few drinks before calling it a night. 

In front of the Bass Hall

The weekend was the perfect mix of having fun, relaxing and spending time with family. Texas football, the rodeo, a wedding with one of my oldest and dearest friends, a handsome pilot for a date and a perfect weekend with my family? What more could a girl ask for? If I learned one thing this weekend, it's that no matter what kind of big city life I'm living now, at the end of the day, you can take the girl out of the honky tonk, but you can't take the honky tonk out of the girl. 


  1. I want said pilot to help ease my flight anxiety -- literally I have flying issues and I fly almost once a month - its not ok!

    Also, where are you from in TX? I'm from TN. My cousins are from Plano. We should go to Hill Country sometime!

  2. You look gorgeous!!!!!! What a fun weekend and so glad you are getting to see the Pilot more and more lately! :)

  3. looks like a fun weekend! That must be so fun to have a pilot bf to take you wherever you want to go :)

  4. That's awesome, Christy! I would love to visit Texas one day -- let's go together?! :) Glad to hear that you and the family are all doing well!

  5. You look stunning, Christy! Glad you enjoyed your weekend Texas :) With the Pilot! Isn't it nice to not be doing the distance? My distance may be ending in the VERY near future :D

  6. Is that the Fort Worth Stockyards rodeo? If so, I've been there!! That's so convenient that you have a pilot for a boyfriend. It would certainly make my long distance relationship a lot easier. Hahaha.

    Your dress is gorgeous!! Looks like y'all had a great weekend. :)

  7. What a fun whirlwind weekend! Love that dress btw. I have never been to Texas, and I just had some friends that moved there. I wish I could experience a little Texas HS Football - I love the show 'Friday Night Lights'!


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