September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Training Update - I skipped out on a Training Tuesday post this week because I didn't want to plan a week of training without knowing how my foot was feeling. After giving myself a full week of rest, I headed out Tuesday for an easy 7 mile run and felt great! It doesn't hurt to walk anymore or to run. There's a dull pain around a bruise that creeped up over the weekend so I've been icing it and I bought a brace that I've been wearing when I'm not running and so far so good. I ran 6 easy miles yesterday and am hoping to pick up the pace a little bit tonight in order to get my legs up to speed for Saturday's Half.

2. Grete's Great Gallop - Speaking of Saturday's Half, I'm running the NYRR Norwegian Festival which I'm actually pretty excited about. The course is two loops of Central Park and it isn't sold out which I'm hoping means it won't be too crowded because the last half I did in Central Park was so crowded, I was walking up the Harlem Hills because I couldn't move any faster. Not cool kids. I still managed to run a sub-2 half and am aiming for a big PR this time around. I'm contemplating adding on some miles before to make for 20 since I missed last week's 20 but we'll see. My race plan is to start out steady, around a 9 minute mile for the first 3 miles or so, run the next 7 at marathon goal pace and spring my heart out for the last 5k. Wish me luck!

Thankfully I won't be dressed like this on Saturday. 
3. September-October - The month of September has been such a blur for me. I was crazy busy every weekend and I had no idea that I would be as busy during the week as I was on the weekends. I've got a lot of school work to catch up on and now is when things are starting to kick in. I have a friend coming to town this weekend to cheer me on at the race and after she leaves, I'm planning to kick October into lazy gear...finish my last week of training before taper strong and then just rest, recover and get ready for MCM because I'm getting pumped to toe that line!

What are you looking forward to this October? (Besides pumpkin everything) Any big races or events?


  1. Ohmygosh so much running! I should take some lessons from you ... I need more motivation! Haha.

    GOOD LUCK in your races!!

  2. have fun! can't WAIT to see you next month!

  3. Your race plan sounds great! I've got a 5K coming up and also a 10-miler with obstacles at the end of October! Then it'll probably be hibernation while there's snow outside! Treadmill runs here I come!

  4. Glad to see that your injuries healed before your race(that would be a big bummer). I'm also training for a half marathon!

    Incidentally, I also do a "Training Tuesdays" on my blog!

  5. YAY! Can't wait to see how the race goes for you! You're doing great :) The rest is much needed sometimes, and one week off of running won't put you behind your goal :) You inspire me, Christy! Happy Friday!

  6. so happy to hear your foot is feeling better! good luck at your race this weekend :)

  7. good luck tomorrow! hoping you get a PR!


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