September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Mysterious Foot Pain - On Monday, I posted a mysterious pain in my foot that developed over the weekend. It was only bothering me to walk but not to run so I didn't think too much of it but yesterday when I headed out for my 10 mile goal pace run, I made it all of 0.65 miles before I had to stop because I was in so much pain. Needless to say, I was freaking out. I took myself to a doctor who looked at me for all of 0.453 seconds and said, "Well it's not plantar fascitis because that would be in a different part of your foot and it's not on a bone so it's not any kind of break or fraction so it's probably just a strain. You'll be fine in 2 days, just take some Motrin. Oh and good luck with the marathon." Hmmm. While this sounds like a great diagnosis, I'm slightly skeptical. I've been RICE-ing but not really taking it easy because umm we walk a lot in New York, so I'm taking another Rest Day today and hoping I can get in some mileage tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

2. Fall TV - I'm not much of a TV person. My week usually consists of about 2 shows, College Game Day and  Sunday football. Sure, I turn the TV on as background noise but I've never been one to get hooked on TV shows but this season, there is so much good TV out there! My fall lineup: Parenthood, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, The Office, The League, Once Upon a TIme, Whitney and Pan AM...and we'll see if anything else sparks my interest! Check out this Fall TV Guide

3. Blog Party - I'm starting to fall in love with the NYC Blogger Community. This weekend, I met the fabulous Gia in the corral of the Fitness Mind, Body and Spirit Games. She over heard me say I have a blog and jumped in to say, "Me too!" Two nights later, we were eating 16 Handles by the umm handle to mourn  celebrate our good friend Christine who taking big steps and moving to Boston. I saw friends, I made friends, I ate frozen yogurt, all in all, it was a great night. I love the community that is NYC Running. We keep 16 Handles in business, we love to sweat and yea, sometimes we run...a lot.

Frozen yogurt + multiple toppings = successful night!

NYC Bloggers

So here's what I want to know: When it comes to running injuries, what's your MO? What's on your Fall TV Lineup? Any shows that I'm missing? Do you meet up with other bloggers? Why doesn't 16 Handles ever have Pumpkin or Irish Mint?


  1. I know I'm not an NYCer, but I would have LOVED to come to this blog party/meet-up! The surburbs aren't THAT far. And for injuries, gotta go with RICE (rest ice compression elevation). It's so hard to do the resting part though...

  2. i hope your foot pain is feeling sooooo much better today!

    tuesday was such a good time & i'm reallyyyy going to miss our weekly yoga/froyo dates!

  3. I hope your foot pain allows you to run tomorrow!!! I hope that doctor was right, but his diagnosis seemed a bit...sketchy? If you do need to see someone else I have an AWESOME PT that I see...he seriously saved my life. I am not sure what your insurance situation is but I can send you the recommendation if you like.

  4. i hate when doctors do that.. i had knee pain a couple months ago and the doc said "you must have sprained it" i dont have a medical degree but i think i might be able to pinpoint the moment when i did something like that?? maybe not...

    When it comes to running injuries, rest is key.

  5. well, that sounds like a fast diagnosis but I guess just keep rice-ing and let it calm down! ugh, so frustrating.

  6. That frozen yogurt looks great. Jealous of your blogging local community.

  7. I hope that your foot pain is long gone by now! I completely understand your frustration - I'm experiencing some shin/calf pain currently, and after crying about it, I decided to take some spinning classes and cross-train until it heals. UGH. I hate injuries.

    I am also slightly jealous of the awesome running community in NYC! I so love your city!

  8. I hope your foot pain is gone by now!! Sending tons of healing thoughts :)

  9. So nice to meet you at 16 Handles - no better place, I think! Anyways, I LOVE Desperate Housewives. I've heard Modern Family is hilarious and want to watch it from the beginning.

    For injuries, I usually make bad decisions, but rest and ice never hurts!


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